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Santa Baby Blogger Mashup!

Before I started blogging, I had no clue about how many amazing bloggers there are out there (tons, by the way!) but now I’ve been blessed to get to know great bloggers and blogs. Quite a few of us from all over have teamed up to spread a little Christmas cheer your way – via song, of course! Think we ought to join up and go on tour? :)

Below the video is a list of bloggers in order of their appearance – hope you’ll pop in and say hi to everyone! Thanks especially to Toni for putting the video together and coming up with the great idea to begin with!

A Daily Dose of Toni
Nuggle Mama
Fab Grandma
The Mom Buzz
Yellow Tennessee
My Little Me
Mom On Review
Frugal Novice
Frosted Fingers
The Suburban Mom
Moscato Mom
Write Spell
Lindsay Blogs
Beautiful Side of Hectic
Not Quite Susie Homemaker


  1. We’re a bunch of geeks, you know? I love it!

  2. This was so much fun! And I think we definitely should go on tour together!

  3. I officially deem us “The Singing Bloggers” and forsee many future videos :)

  4. acckkk! I can’t believe I’m sittin there with my mouth open! I had such a good time doing this! I hope we can work on another one soon!

  5. I love it. It turned out so cute.

    I can’t wait to do another one.

  6. I think y’all have a new hit music video! :)

  7. I am loving the video.. what a clever idea!

  8. Heehee, what a fun idea! I already follow most of these bloggers, and it’s great to meet some new ones. :)

  9. Bravo!

    I am impressed!!