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Plus Size? Rock Any Style

Today we’re bringing you another partnered guest post – this time all about fashion!

In a world where being slender can be considered ideal, and sporting a plus-size body can be frowned upon, it can be challenging to feel like you find a place to fit in. The fashion industry has also created stereotypes, giving preferential treatment to slim people over others. Irrespective of these experiences, don’t let your size stop you from looking fabulous anytime and on any day. How can you dress to kill with the right women’s plus size clothing? This guide provides the answer you seek. So, kindly read on.

Have Measurements Handy

Whether you are shopping from an online clothing store or a brick-and-mortar boutique, your measurements determine the type of clothes you should purchase. Understand that these stores (especially online versions) provide their own unique sizing charts and measurement guidelines which may be different from what you are used to. You should compare the size of your chosen outfit with your measurements, focusing on areas like your hips, waist, and bust. Using these figures, you can easily find clothes that complement your shape.

Making a Fashion Statement with Your Dress

You don’t have to stick to the same attire you wear every day. Some days are perfect for you to  have fun and create an extra “wow” effect. Try a dress with bold colors or interesting prints.

Of course, black dresses are classics. Nevertheless, rock something out of the blues, one that makes you comfortable. Experiment with a few pieces that take you out of your comfort zone. While rocking your buttoned-up shirt or wrap dress (extra-cute in denim), ensure that whatever you wear enhances your body shape and size. Be proud of the beautiful woman you are You can also have fun mixing things up. You can try layering pieces to create a refreshing new look.

Above all, love yourself and your body. By doing so, you will rock your clothes confidently. Finally, find your best match when selecting plus size clothing for women and understand that there is no one-size-fits-all rule. What works for someone else may not work for you, and vice-versa.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with Key Fashion Statement Outfits

Being plus size, you may assume that your clothing options are limited. However, this notion is far from the truth. There is so much you can do with fashion. It really boils down to selecting the right type of pieces. The first piece of clothing you want to consider is your denim. Jeans are must-haves for every woman. They provide versatility, comfort,
and style. Whether you intend to go on a dinner date or a work-related outing, your pair of jeans has you covered. Find a pair that complements your physique – it could be anything from light-colored wide-leg jeans to dark wash skinny. Grace your skinny jeans with a tunic top and the compliments will pour in. You can rock this outfit comfortably and in style. This is a great option because it also makes it possible to highlight specific features you love and downplay others you don’t. Go for tunic
tops with prints or colors that complement your skin tone. 

Other days, try rocking a crisp fitted button-up shirt or blouse to spice up your fashion lifestyle. Button-up shirts look great alongside a variety of other pieces – skirts, slacks, and jeans all work great with them. Layer your outfits with a tailored blazer to really take it up a notch.

Crazy 8 Lets You Shine Your Way for the Holidays!

This is a compensated post. All opinions are honest and are our own.

I love shopping for my kids’ clothes, but the majority of the time I’m buying casual clothes for school and playing. When the holidays roll around it’s always fun finding some special clothes for them to wear to church and other holiday events.

Crazy 8 makes it really easy to find fun, cool looks for all three of the kids. And this time around I decided to take advantage of layering to add even more versatility to the outfits I purchased.

For E, I know she loves anything that shimmers and sparkles, so I got her this sparkle star tee and paired it with a gold metallic skirt. I finished the outfit off with gold sparkle tights and black ankle boots.

So cute, right?

If E wants to be a little warmer and add some black to tie in to her boots, she can layer in a fuzzy sparkle cardigan. I love that all of these pieces are separates – it makes for easy mixing and matching!

My boys are 20 months apart, but at the moment they wear the same size clothes – this means their outfits go the extra mile because I can mix pieces between the two of them. I kept this in mind when I chose their clothes, and all the items work great together for even more versatility.

I know J likes to be comfortable even when he’s dressed up, so I kept that in mind when picking his outfit. I got him a flannel buffalo plaid/gingham shirt and grey Rocker jeans with these dressed-up looking herringbone sneakers (I got a pair for C, too – they’re perfect for both of them!).

To change up J’s look a little I also got the Tie Sweater – it’s a fun way to make his outfit a little dressier looking without making him actually wear a tie.

C is art-minded and a little more adventurous in what he’ll wear (he’s worn ties – by choice – to school on several occasions!) so I picked for him a polka dot shirt (which would also look awesome with the tie sweater pictured above), Rocker cords, and those herringbone sneakers I mentioned earlier.

For his added element I knew right away what I wanted to get – this diamond pattern vest. It adds something a little funky to the outfit – and C loves vests. The vest would also look great with the red shirt from J’s outfit, don’t you think?

Check out all the awesome styles at Crazy 8 (they even have great outfit suggestions that will get you started if you have a hard time figuring out what works well together). What’s your favorite Crazy 8 look?

We’re Crazy for Crazy 8 Denim!

I received Crazy 8 clothes and accessories to facilitate my review, and will receive a Crazy 8 gift card for participation in this campaign. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Y’all. Summer is almost over. While I’m still kind of in denial, my organizing- and preparedness-loving self can’t help but go ahead and start getting ready for the upcoming school year.

In Texas it can stay warm all the way through November, but we have flashes of cold weather so I like to go ahead and have long-sleeved options along with short-sleeved gear. Of course, no matter what season we’re in it’s key to have denim to go along with all the kids’ looks.

Crazy 8 is a perfect store for me to do back-to-school shopping for the kids. They have clothing and accessories for all three of my kids so it’s a one-stop shop! They’re really affordable to begin with, and I’ve found awesome sales there many times.

I thought I’d share some looks we love from Crazy 8 – the kids are all set for school!




Mesh Active Hoodie & Bootcut Jeans, Rinse Wash.




Blue Hoodie (similar in grey, here), Grey Striped Shirt, and Straight Jeans, Dark Wash Denim.




Microstripe Blue Pocket Tee, Orange & Navy Vest, and Stretch Rocker Jeans, Dark Wash Denim.




Striped Hoodie (similar, here) and Rocker Jeans, Dark Wash Denim.



Green Sweater, Straight Jeans, Denim Wash.





Uniform Hooded Cardigan, Bicycle Striped Ruffle Tee, Flower Barrette, Dot Jeggings.



Bicycle Striped Ruffle TeeSoft Floral Headband, Bootcut Jeans.

Check out to find your back-to-school styles – and comment here letting me know what your favorites are! Also – check out my giveaway on Instagram for a $25 Crazy 8 gift card!

Curlformers Make Gorgeous Curls Easy!

I’ve always had straight hair, but I’ve always loved the way curly hair looks, and have wished I could have  that look for myself. Unfortunately I’m not a morning person and just don’t have the patience to stand in front of the mirror for an hour with a curling iron.

Thankfully I can now achieve gorgeous curls within minutes each morning, with Curlformers. These are SO cool – the design is genius, and they’re pretty foolproof.


You can put them in your hair, use a dryer to set them, and remove the curlers – or if you’re like me and aren’t a morning person, you can put these in your hair at night, sleep on them, and pull them out in the morning.


Brian helped me put these in my hair since it was my first time trying them, and he said it was really easy to do. It took about 15 minutes to put them all in, so I can only imagine that as I use them more and more it’ll become an even quicker process!


Check out my suuuuuuper cute look. Yes, I look like a friendly, makeup-free clown. But friends, it is worth it. These rollers are flexible plastic. They’re not soft like foam, but I slept in them and was comfortable.

It took literally 1 minute to pull all the rollers out in the morning, and I was left with some seriously impressive curls. I played with my roots at the front a bit to give them body and de-frizz, but I was really happy with the finished product and would definitely recommend them.

Here’s a photo I took immediately after removing the rollers, and before I adjusted my roots:

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Style & Substance: Kelly Moore Bags

Note: I received a bag to facilitate this post. I was not compensated monetarily; affiliate links are included in this post. All opinions are honest and are my own. 

I am a purse loyalist. I’m not one to switch bags to coordinate with various outfits; I find one I like, and I stick with it for a long time.

I’m also pretty picky about what purse I carry. It needs to:

  • look good – this is something I’ll have with me day in and day out, so I want it to be something I’m pretty thrilled with.
  • have plenty of space… but not be a big cave that everything will get lost in. I love organization (in a way that clearly reaches nerdy levels!) and a cluttered bag would drive me nuts.
  • be durable – as I mentioned above, I’ll have it with me pretty much all the time, which means it’ll go to baseball practices, dance rehearsals… and it’ll be subjected to my three children at any given time. So yeah, durability is key.

In my search for an ideal bag, Kelly Moore has been a brand on my radar for a while now. Many of my friends have talked about their love of the brand, and if you haven’t seen them before, Kelly Moore bags are pretty stinkin’ gorgeous.

We all know the old adage, though – form follows function. Do Kelly Moore bags hold up? I selected the Monroe, and put it to the test(s):

It’s definitely a great looking bag – I love the rich, saturated color and the high-quality finish – and there are many ways to wear it. Above, you can see I’ve got shorter straps on my shoulder, but it also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

That’s not all, though – the front pouch on the bag is actually removable, so you can have a small cross-body purse AND the larger bag to carry separately. This is my favorite setup:

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Burt’s Bees New Lipsticks Give You 100% Natural Beauty

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Burt’s Bees for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve loved Burt’s Bees lip balm for years; it’s a staple in my purse. My husband uses it, and my kids do too. In fact, Burt’s Bees has been a brand we love for a long time. I feel good about the natural ingredients used in its products, and that’s hard to find nowadays. They stay true to a simple – and great – idea: what you put on your body should be made from ingredients you can spell and pronounce.

They have more than 150 products for almost every part of your lips, hair and skin, with a mission is to make people lives better everyday, naturally. We’ve used their baby products on all three of our kids, all because they’re a brand we truly trust. I love knowing that Burt’s Bees is natural at its core, and that gives me confidence in using their products for myself and for my whole family.

And now there’s another product from Burt’s Bees I can love: new Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lipsticks deliver luscious, bold color you’ll love, along with naturally moisturizing ingredients that love your lips in return.

The lipsticks have a smooth, satin finish and 14 versatile shades. They soften and condition lips all day long, thanks to a natural formula featuring Beeswax, Moringa Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil. They provide a creamy and lightweight coverage that doesn’t feel heavy like many other lipsticks. And they’re 100% natural, which makes me feel good about wearing it all day.

Burt’s Bees lipsticks are available at Target, and I went to ours to pick up a few shades for myself. I decided to get two very different colors and see what I thought of each. I purchased this darker red shade, called Scarlet Soaked:

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Younique 3D Mascara Review

I received the 3D mascara to facilitate my review. I was not compensated monetarily, and all opinions are honest and my own.

I’ve got short, pale eyelashes, and if I’m not wearing mascara, it almost looks from afar like I just don’t have eyelashes at all. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, but of course until I tried it myself I was a little skeptical. I’ve tried a lot of mascaras over the years, and I wondered if this one was really any different.

The mascara comes in a case and has two tubes – one is a transplanting gel, and one is the actual fibers.




I was nervous that application might be tricky, but it’s really a breeze. I did a thin layer of the transplanting gel, and then right afterward used the fibers; then followed up with another layer of transplanting gel to seal the fibers in. So easy! Then I decided to make the lashes just on the outer edges of my eyes a little longer, so I did a second round of gel, fibers, and gel. Watch this pic and you can see my eyes before, after one round, and after two rounds. I love the effect of the 3D Fiber Lashes!

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Skin Protection & Style for the Whole Family from Coolibar

We received a dress and swimsuit to facilitate this review. All opinions are honest and our own. We weren’t compensated monetarily for this post.

Brian and I are taking the kids to Schlitterbahn water park in a couple of weeks, and I’m already in planning mode. The kids are all set for swim attire and clothes, but Brian really needed a new swimsuit. The one he had was over 10 years old, so it was about time for it to be replaced.

Thankfully we learned about Coolibar – their mission is to develop superior sun protective products that allow people to enjoy life in the sun. They design, manufacture and market a range of quality sun protection products including sun protective clothes, SPF clothing, sun hats, sun protection swimwear, sunglasses, umbrellas, sunscreens and sunscreen.

Brian and I both experienced awful sunburns last summer. Like, miserable for a week sunburns. We had been careful about protecting the kids’ skin but hadn’t thought about ourselves! We knew we’d never make that mistake again, and getting Coolibar gear is one great step in guarding our skin against harmful UVA & UVB rays.

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Spruce up for Spring with Carter’s!

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carter’s. I received a complimentary gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.”

Spring has sprung, and boy am I glad. Cold weather and I just aren’t the best of friends, and when spring temperatures arrive I’m a happy girl. It means bike rides with the kids, walks around the neighborhood, baseball practice and plenty of time in the back yard.

Spring also heralds the arrival of bright colors in clothes, and there’s just something cheery about shopping for spring wardrobes. This is especially the case for me in shopping for the kids, and Carter’s is always one of my very favorite places to find their new clothes.

Of course, Easter is right around the corner, and finding shirts for the boys (aged 5 & 7) was on my to-do list. Carter’s has a great Easter selection, and I had a hard time picking between solids and prints, polos and button-ups. So many cute options! I ended up getting a bright plaid for J and a chambray for C. I like that they’re not matchy-matchy, but they’ll coordinate really well.



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Tieks Review


Like any other girl, I love a good pair of shoes. More specifically, though, I love a great pair of flats that will not kill my feet as I go to work, as I grocery shop, as I go out on a date with my husband, or as I chase after my three kids.

Tieks first drew my interest last year after I saw ads on Facebook (they clearly targeted their ads to the correct demographic, because I think I clicked over to their site after seeing the very first ad). I loved the signature blue accents – the soles of the shoes, and a stripe down the back of each one – and was really curious about how a shoe with a split sole would work for me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.02.24 PM

When I went to shop at their store, which they cleverly named “The Boutiek,” I spent a good bit of time just scrolling through all the options – there are a ton. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do something really bold, like a red, or if I wanted to get something more neutral that I could wear with a wider variety of outfits.

In the end, practicality won out and I went with chestnut – but I still get to have some fun with the pops of blue.

As you can see above, the box that holds the shoes is pretty small. Like, so small you might think there’s no way shoes could be inside. But they’re there, folded up and waiting neatly for you.


Part of the appeal of Tieks is that they’re compact; they come with a bag to house them in, so you could easily carry these along with you in your purse and put them on if you need to switch to more comfortable shoes, for instance (they also come with a larger bag for you to put your other pair of shoes into once you switch to your Tieks).


Once you unfold the shoe there’s a bit of a bend to it, but these are pliable and fit right to my foot once I put them on. And, sigh… I really do love that blue stripe on the back. So cute.





So, you’ve seen how they look, but style is only half of the equation. How did they feel, you ask?

In a word, comfy.

I have had many shoes that leave blisters on my feet the first time or two I wear them, but my Tieks were comfortable from the very start. You can slightly see the impression of my big toes, but the shoes didn’t feel tight at all and I know that over time the leather will stretch out a bit.


I was really impressed with the quality of these shoes. Tieks aren’t cheap – for my budget, they’re somewhat of an investment shoe. I read some other reviews talking about how well these hold up, though, and I feel like these are flats I’ll wear again and again for years to come. The Italian leather is supple and soft, the color is really rich, and they’re comfortable to walk around in all day long.

I had wondered how the split sole would fare comfort-wise, and I really didn’t notice it at all. I also wondered if the blue soles would get dirty quickly, but here’s what they looked like after two days of wear:


I really love my Tieks, and I’m glad I added these to my collection. Part of what I’m learning as I get older is that purchasing fewer high-quality pieces is a wiser choice than purchasing a bunch of cheap things that don’t last long at all. Quality over quantity, friends!