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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Sleeper

I wish I slept this comfortably (and cutely) each night!


Wordless Wednesday: A Kid’s Best Friend


Our sweet, full-of-energy Lab puppy Sally was totally willing to hang out with J and serve as a pillow/video game buddy. Man’s Kid’s best friend, indeed!

Wordless Wednesday: Lego

Our boys (& my husband!) could sit and play with LEGO bricks for hours. I love how creative they are with them, and how they work together on building.*

*This is just a teeny tiny portion of our bricks. When I say we love LEGO, we love LEGO. 


Wordless Wednesday: Master Builders!

I love free activities for the kids, so I can’t believe we hadn’t attended one of the Lowe’s kids workshops until this past weekend. C & J loved building their birdhouses, and couldn’t get over that they’d used real nails and built something almost entirely by themselves. They also each got an apron, and a birdhouse patch for me to iron on. We’ll definitely be going to more of these!
C_Building J_Building JC_Builders

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Smile

I take LOTS of pics of my kids, baby E included. I posted this photo of her to Facebook the other day:


But of course, as parents know, the posted photo is very rarely the only photo taken. I usually take 5 photos to get the one I end up using. So, I thought today I’d show the photos I took leading up to E’s smile. I actually like them all, but of course I am her mom. :)



Wordless Wednesday: The Color Run • Austin, TX

This past Saturday I did The Color Run with a group and we had a blast! It really is a happy 5K, and I’d highly recommend giving it a try if it comes to an area near you!

My gear – the black packet is filled with colored powder.


Pre-race manicures:



Me and two of my friends, all clean before the race!


I can’t even begin to tell you how crowded it was there – there were thousands of people ahead of us, and this is the view behind us as we waited in the starting chute.


I love blue!


Me, post-race and pre-party:


Me and my friend Kristi – she had already gone to the after-party:


Color!! This part was so fun – they played great music and every 5 minutes or so they’d have everyone toss color in the air.


This is what my mother-in-law looked like after the party:



And here’s me:



Can’t wait to do this one again next year!

Wordless Wednesday • May 1

I knew when I married Brian that I was blessed with a wonderful guy; we’d dated 5 years at that point. But when we had J back in 2007, I also learned what an amazing father I’d chosen for my kids. He, of course, is great with all three of them (the boys think he is the coolest), but I thought for today’s Wordless Wednesday I’d share some father-daughter pics. This little girl loves her daddy, and boy does he love her!









Wordless Wednesday: New Addition

Wonder why I haven’t been posting as much this past week?

We’ve been a little busy…. introducing baby E, born September 5! :)

Wordless Wednesday: Swagger Wagon

We held off on getting a full-fledged minivan, buying a Mazda 5 in 2010 as a compromise. But now that we’ll soon have 3 kiddos, it was pretty much inevitable we’d need something bigger. Well, I felt that way, and Brian either agreed or got tired of hearing me talk about it. :) Regardless, we traded in the Mazda for a Toyota Sienna on Saturday. And, well, I kinda love it. I think Brian might, too.