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Wordy Wednesday – May 11


Using my phone to take photos of J at a birthday party on Saturday didn’t work too well – he barely ever sat still long enough for me to take a picture! This photo is significant because until Saturday J had always avoided getting on inflatables, saying they were scary. We talked a little in […]

Wordless (OK, nevermind… Wordy) Wednesday – Easter Party Day!


Fun day today – egg hunt and Easter parties! Ok, so this post started out as Wordless but that’s only because I wanted to get it up before going back to the boys’ school for their parties. They had a blast! C’s was first – I got there just in time for the egg hunt. […]

Wordy Wednesday: My Little Cowboys


Yesterday at the boys’ school they had the chance to ride horses – this is something the school does every year and the kids all LOVE it! J rode one last year, but this was C’s first experience with it. J’s class was first – I arrived just in time to see him climb on […]

Wordy Wednesday


Since I’ve decided there are enough memes out there, I have started just linking up my Wordy Wednesday posts with Wordless Wednesday memes. I’m such a rebel, huh? I got into the shower this weekend and found a message waiting for me, courtesy of Brian. Totally better than a bouquet of flowers, I think. My […]

Wordy Wednesday 3/9


I’ve decided not to do a linky with Wordy Wednesday… there are already a million link-ups on Wednesdays. If you participate, or would like to share your Wordless Wednesday post, comment with a link below and I’ll go give you a visit and some comment love! If you know me, then you know that it’s […]

Wordy Wednesday – March 2


If you read my blog last week, you saw my first installment of Wordy Wednesday. I had initially planned to use this just for myself, but my mom suggested I try adding a link-up just in case other people want to give it a try. So, while I’m fully prepared for her to be the […]