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DIY Bathroom Makeover With a Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood Wall

We received wood from to facilitate our project & review. We were not compensated monetarily for this post. All opinions are honest and are our own.

We love our house, but we knew when we moved in that we’d want to inject our personality into the decor. We’ve done that slowly but surely throughout the house, and our latest makeover recipient was the guest bathroom. Y’all, this is now my FAVORITE room in the house!

Here’s the space before. Fine, but bland.

I knew I wanted to add some color and texture to the room, so we decided to go with a favorite product of ours – reclaimed wood. Instead of leaving it natural like we did with our last wood project I decided to whitewash some pieces and add a pop of teal to others (I LOVE teal – you’ll find it all throughout our house).

We got our wood from They have several types of wood to choose from but we went with the oak blend. I love the variety of tones it provides.

The first thing we did was plan out the wall on our garage floor. We laid the wood pieces out, figuring out where seams were so we didn’t have any lining up, and tried to mix light and dark pieces evenly throughout the rows.

Once we had a basic plan we used a straight-edge to draw our cut lines along all the boards, and then got to work trimming everything to fit the dimensions of the wall.

Next was the part I was most nervous about – adding the color! For both the white and teal colors I just thinned out paint we already had on hand with equal parts water. The teal is Sherwin Williams paint from Lowe’s for the Tiffany blue color – it’s called Refresh (SW6751). The white is actually an off-white color that is used on all the trim and interior doors in our home.

I took a lot of time applying the paint only because I was really nervous about putting too much on! For each piece I did 5-6 rounds of painting, waiting a few seconds, and wiping most of it off with a paper towel. You can see in the photo below how opaque the paint was (even with it being thinned so much) – I knew I wanted a very transparent color so the wood grain still shined through.

It really helped having the wall laid out in the garage. I changed my mind in a couple of instances about where to add teal or white pieces throughout the process.

Because of our prep work, installing the wall was SUPER easy. We just worked from the bottom up, bringing in a few rows of wood at a time.

We used this instant-grab adhesive which made for an incredibly quick installation. (Side note: If you’re thinking you might remove the wood down the line you could always screw a piece of MDF to the wall and install the reclaimed wood on that, or you could use nails in each piece of wood, but we plan to keep our walls long-term and felt good about using this process). 

Here’s the wall in its beginning stages:

And here’s Brian working on getting the last piece installed – there’s nothing like discovering that your ceiling isn’t quite level! Brian had to do some creative trimming and sanding on one end of the top board to get it to fit.

One note – since this is wood reclaimed from barns, some pieces have holes. I used a small paint brush (one that came with the kids’ watercolor set, actually!) to go in and paint black  on the wall that showed through any holes.

And here’s the beautiful finished product!

We seriously ADORE it. We got inspired to do a few other updates in the bathroom too – we changed out the light fixture to a new mason jar-style light (side note – isn’t the wall art great? It’s an old collapsible basket we got from Brian’s grandaddy.):

We added a shelf above the toilet and filled it with white hand towels:

And we updated the pieces on the shelf we already had in the room:

If you’re looking for a way to make a huge impact on your room, reclaimed lumber is the way to go. Whether you leave it as it is, stain it, or paint it, you’ll be able to add texture and depth to your space – and it’s a great project for virtually any skill level! Be sure and check out to see all the wall, floor, and even door options they offer. Their products are top notch quality and their customer service is amazing. We’re so happy we went this route for making our guest bathroom into a serene space.

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