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Free Colorful Educational School Poster Printables!

My daughter, like many other kids, will be starting the school year at home doing virtual school. Since she is in elementary school, I wanted to set up a space that felt fun and creative for her without spending a ton, since we don’t know how long we’ll use the room for school. I created some fun free math printable posters that I’ll share below, and I wanted to show you a few other things we got to really make the space vibrant!

I bought a few things on Amazon, like this colorful wall calendar set she’s in LOVE with (they have a TON of other calendar options too for any color scheme you can think of):

and a rainbow-colored drawer cart to organize papers and supplies (we found ours cheaper at Michael’s, FYI, but if you’re wanting to order online here’s one on Amazon):

I found SUPER cute border at Target in the Bullseye’s Playground area (the aisles right up front) for just $1/package, but there are lots of affordable & cute bulletin board border options on Amazon for that, too. I used white paper stapled to the wall to create our “bulletin boards” and then placed the border over it (which was nice, too, to hide my totally uneven cuts on the edges of the paper, ha!).

I knew I wanted some educational graphics, but I didn’t have a ton of wall space, and I couldn’t find ones that were the rainbow color scheme we had going, so I decided to make my own! These are sized to be printed on a normal desktop printer so you can print these from home. Just click here to download the free PDF!

Edited to add: After getting some feedback from moms who’ve gotten the first 4 posters I’ve decided to make some more, and will add them below!

1-100 poster: A simple, colorful poster that shows the numbers from 1-100, grouped by 10’s. Download the PDF here.

Alphabet poster: Download the PDF here.

Parts of Speech poster: Download the PDF here.

Time poster: Download the PDF here.

Space/Solar System poster: Download the PDF here.

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