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Items to Keep in Your Glove Compartment (Besides Gloves!)

This is a sponsored post partnered with Cerritos Dodge. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Back in the day, the glove compartment of vehicles was actually used to house people’s gloves. Nowadays, despite the name, there are many other items that are a good idea to store in your car’s glove compartment. Of course there are the standard items: owners manual, insurance card/information, vehicle registration paperwork, etc. What else could be considered a “must have” for any car’s interior?

Here is a list of some simple household items that you always seem to need in your car, but can’t find. Storing these in your glove compartment is a perfect solution. Things you might want to include are:

Napkins, paper towels, or towels for any potential spills or messes that occur (if you’ve got kids or pets that ride in your car these are definite necessities!).

Ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil for times when you need to jot a note down, or perhaps endorse a check while waiting in line at the ATM. I like to keep several of each on hand in case the kids ever need one for homework in the car, or for drawing.

Mints or gum, in case you need to freshen your breath before a meeting, or if you might be feeling nauseous. Several members of our family get car sick easily, and having mints on hand has been really helpful.

Spare change, if you find yourself a few cents short at the drive-thru, or if you end up needing a small amount of money for some purpose while you’re out and about. If you live in an area with tolls or plan to travel through tolls soon, it’s imperative to have spare change. Some tolls will mail you a bill, but in Oklahoma you HAVE to have cash/change for the tolls.

Fingernail clippers, for that pesky hangnail or to cut tags off of new items.

Spare shopping bags, in case you need to throw something away, or hold a bunch of small items – or if someone gets sick!

But what else? How about some simple tools or electrical items for an emergency, such as:

Screwdrivers, both philips and flathead

Flashlight, with the batteries tested regularly


Tire pressure gauge (always good to use when your vehicle’s low tire light is on)

Duct tape (it fixed everything, right?)

You might also keep a few energy bars or other nonperishable food items in the glove compartment, making sure to change them out before they expire. You never know when you get in a situation where you need that one thing that you always have, but can’t seem to find while on the road. It’s always good to be prepared!

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