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Single Moms Can Find Love

One of my best friends found herself unexpectedly single with a young daughter a couple of years ago. She had amazing strength and built a life for her and her daughter, and she met a great man online who she is now married to. It’s really been inspiring to see her rise up and move forward with her life in a positive way, and I’m so happy that she’s happy!

Today I’ve got a guest post from a single mom named Karen, who wanted to share a few words for any other single moms that might be out there:

When my husband left me and I was 4 months pregnant, I didn’t even think I could love someone again. At that moment, I didn’t want to hear anything about men, a dating site or a love story with happy ending. My baby was my whole world.

When I found out it would be a boy, I gave my word that HE would become a real man and that I would do my best to teach him to be a decent person, wonderful man and loving husband. Even though my life as a woman felt like it was ruined, my destiny as a mom was at its very beginning.

Thanks to my family and friends, I gave birth to a healthy little baby. Holding him in my arms, I understood that he was the blessing I had been waiting for so long. From that moment, my life changed – I started living only for my son. Sleepless nights and physical exhaustion weren’t a problem for me, because it was all about taking care of my son. I can truly say that those moments were some of the best, because I saw that my life had a purpose.

Time flies so fast; when my son turned 5, I was still single. It wasn’t a problem for me, but for my closest friends it was. They started convincing me that I had to rebuild my own life, that my son needed a dad, etc. Due to my unpleasant experience with my ex-husband, I ignored their words. Still, my friends made up a plan. They stopped bothering me with advice for almost a month, so I thought they’d given up.

Then I got an email saying I’d been registered on the best dating site they could find and that there already were some singles interested in me. Even though I had a son, these men wanted to date me.

At first, I was angry… very angry, actually. Then I slowly came to the conclusion that, at some point, my friends were right. My son was a big boy now and he needed a happy mother by his side. I had to confess that I was a happy mom, but an unhappy woman.

So I logged in and started to chat… and I met an amazing man. He is a wonderful person, handsome man and good example for my son. I don’t know where things will go from here, because it’s still early on in this relationship. Since my son’s well-being is my main priority, I am taking things very slowly. It is nice – and healing – to know I can be interesting to men, and that there’s hope I can fall in love again.

This is what I wanted to say: never give up! Never stop believing in finding someone who deserves you. Just trust yourself and follow your heart. It will lead you to the right place and right people.

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