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Candy-Themed Party


I thought today I’d share two photos from C’s baby shower that Brian’s work threw us last year (see how well I’m doing with keeping the party theme going?). Brian eats a ridiculous amount of candy (and is SKINNY, too – so unfair!) and it’s a well-known fact up at his work. Knowing this, his […]

Happy Easter!


The boys’ favorite part of their Easter baskets? The grass inside them. Instead of doing real baskets this year we put goodies for the boys in Bilibos, which are toys in themselves. I participated in an online co-op and was able to get them each for $15, as opposed to the usual price of around […]

Easter Egg-stravaganza


Why is it that I felt compelled to use the word “egg” somehow in the post title? I tried to stop myself, really I did… but in the end, the cuteness factor got me and I went with it. I’m not even talking about eggs in this post, really.  I think it’s because I’m on […]