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Candy-Themed Party

I thought today I’d share two photos from C’s baby shower that Brian’s work threw us last year (see how well I’m doing with keeping the party theme going?). Brian eats a ridiculous amount of candy (and is SKINNY, too – so unfair!) and it’s a well-known fact up at his work. Knowing this, his coworkers had the theme of our shower be candy. The invitations were made to look like giant candy bars – the invitation was the label wrapped around the bar (foam core). SO cute! They mailed just fine, too. This is an idea I want to incorporate for one of the boys’ birthdays in the future.

Instead of having a large cake, they did cupcakes on a tiered pedestal – each one looks like it has a giant M&M on top of it, only they put “C”, and then used a bowl of gumballs as a topper. So colorful and cheery!

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Happy Easter!

The boys’ favorite part of their Easter baskets? The grass inside them.

Instead of doing real baskets this year we put goodies for the boys in Bilibos, which are toys in themselves. I participated in an online co-op and was able to get them each for $15, as opposed to the usual price of around $25. So far, they’re a hit! The great thing about them is that they’re supposed to encourage creativity. They can be whatever kids want them to be. Ours have been stools, chairs to spin in, a drum, and a shell for a big bouncy ball.

We’ve had a great day as a family. I woke up feeling much better. I have to confess we were running way behind on our way to church this morning. We arrived about 20 minutes late, and walked in to find out there had been an “Easter celebration” and services were just beginning. So technically we made it on time. Riighht. We’ve really got to work on that!

J and C had fun “opening” their baskets – C’s consisted mostly of baby food and snacks, but like I mentioned he loved the grass and wouldn’t have cared if that’s all that had been in it. I made the mistake of letting J eat some candy right before nap time – talk about a rookie move! He was bouncing around, literally… but finally crashed from his sugar high enough to get some sleep.

We talked a little with J about celebrating Jesus, but of course he and (especially) C are too young to really grasp that. Next year I think J will be old enough that we can incorporate it more into our celebration like we hope to.

If you’ve posted about your Easter celebration, leave a comment and I’ll add your link to this post. I hope you have all had a wonderful day of celebrations and traditions with your families!

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Why is it that I felt compelled to use the word “egg” somehow in the post title? I tried to stop myself, really I did… but in the end, the cuteness factor got me and I went with it. I’m not even talking about eggs in this post, really.  I think it’s because I’m on a sugar-high from eating my sugar cookies that turned out really ugly. Don’t ask… just beware of a) cookie cutters that claim to be “egg-shaped” but are actually pretty much circles, and b) over-saturating icing with food coloring, making it freakishly bold and way too thin.

Today was J’s Easter party at day care, and we were supposed to bring a dessert treat. I initially decided to make the aforementioned cookies, but then a coworker showed me some cupcakes that I just had to make, too. Want to see how cute these cupcakes are?

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