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Keep Baby Safe with Munchkin Products

We had been out of the “baby stage” for a while now, with C being 3 and J being 5. But now that E is here, we’re back in full force and safety is definitely on our minds. And did you know that September is National Baby Safety Month? It’s a great time to be aware of steps to take to keep your infant safe.

With safety on the brain, I was excited to discover all of the products from Munchkin to help keep babies safe. We received the Munchkin Childproofing Kit, which includes:

  • 8 Drawer and Cabinet Latches
  • 12 Plug Covers
  • 4 XTRAGUARD™ Soft Impact Corner Cushions
  • 1 XTRAGUARD™ Dual Purpose Door Stopper

They have other items, if you don’t want a whole kit but are looking for specific safety gear:

  • XtraGuard™ Safety Lock Plug Covers: Equipped with an integrated locking mechanism, the no-grip form of these covers can be unlocked with an edged-tool, such as a coin
  • XtraGuard™ Dual Locking Appliance Latch: Secures drawers, cabinets and appliances with a locking-indicator and three custom  settings
  • 4-Pack Corner Cushions: With a rounded, foam corner design, these cushions provide maximum protection at edges and corners where impact is most likely to occur
  • 2-Pack Door Knob Covers: A turning-point in door security, these covers have a locking geometric shape that wraps around the entire knob with tamper-resistant depressors

Are you gearing up to keep your baby safe? What’s the most crucial safety item in your house? I think it’s plug covers for us. What’s your opinion?

Note: I received a Childproofing Kit to facilitate this post. I was not compensated monetarily. All opinions are honest and are my own.



Make Bath Time Extra Fun with Munchkin!

If you’ve seen the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting then you might remember this guy that made a cameo appearance:

Pretty cute, huh? Well, we had this Munchkin tub for the boys and I can tell you it’s not just cute – it is amazing for baths with little ones! J went through a phase where he seemed terrified of the big bathtub, and every bath was a struggle. Then we discovered this duck bath, and our problems were solved. It’s soft, it’s cute, and it feels more secure for babies, letting them have fun in the bath. Since it’s inflatable, it’s also easy to deflate and bring along with you on trips. Another great feature of this tub is that there’s a White Hot sensor in the bottom, letting you easily identify if the water is too hot or not.

We don’t still have our duck tub anymore, so I was thrilled to receive one for review – I am sure this baby will love it as much as the boys did! You can find this tub in many local stores (we got our last one at Target) and online at retailers like Amazon. It’s really affordable at $14.99 and it’s durable, too, so it’s a great value for the cost.

Along with the tub we also got two other Munchkin bath products. Their rubber ducks are so fun and are the perfect add-on to a shower gift, in my opinion! They come in a ton of different styles – here are just a few:

I love our little football player – so cute, right?

And just like the duck bath, these are more than just cute additions to bath time – they also have a heat sensor underneath, letting you test the temperature of any bath water before your baby gets in.

We also received the Wonder Waterway, which is a set of three stackable toys that work great together or apart.


When the toys are linked together, it creates a fun waterway that kids will really love! These are great shapes for little hands, too, making them a good option for when your little one first starts playing with toys in the tub.

If you’re looking for a good baby gift, I think a basket of bath products and toys from Munchkin, and some cute wash cloths would make an adorable gift basket! Be sure and check out their products in stores and online. Visit for more information on all they have to offer, and you can also keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Note: I received Munchkin products to facilitate this review. I was not compensated monetarily for this post. All opinions are honest and are my own.