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Kindergarten Diploma – Free Printable!



I’m a sucker for memorabilia, so it made me a little sad when I realized our son’s school didn’t give out diplomas for “graduating” kindergarten. My mom still has mine hanging in the hall, and I love it! I decided to make a simple diploma for each of the kids in his class, and then I went to Dollar Tree and bought a frame for each of them. SO easy and inexpensive, and hopefully it’ll be something the kids are proud to receive.

In case you’re like me and would like to have diplomas for your child’s graduation, I’ve created a free printable for you to create your own. It’s a PDF file with text fields, so it should be easy for you to add your child’s name, the date, and the name of the school. There are five color options, too!  Just click here to download the PDF, and open it with Adobe Acrobat to edit the text.


Free Printable: “Dino-Mite” Valentine’s Card Tags


My son C wanted something fun for his Valentines this year, and we decided to do something a little different than our standard cards – we sent his friends dinosaurs! I found these for $1 each at Walmart, but you can also often find bags of dinosaurs at the dollar store. Either way, I’ve got an adorable tag ready for you to use along with the dinosaurs. I’m kind of in love with these!





Just click here to download a free printable PDF. The file has two pages. The first has 8 tags laid out. The second page has a repeating dinosaur pattern that looks really great printed on the back of the tags. We typed friends’ names on the tag, but I’ve left space on these for you to write in the names (and your child can write his or her name at the bottom of the tag, which is what we did). Enjoy!

Free “You Rock” Valentine’s Printable for Pop Rocks


If you’re looking for an easy last-minute Valentine idea, look no further! Simply print out this adorable tag, fold it, and tape it to the top of a Pop Rocks bag. Voila! Here’s how cute ours turned out:



Just click here to download a free PDF file of the tag (just one single tag), or you can right-click and save the JPG below. If you’d like a whole sheet of the tags, click hereOh, and the hardest part for us was finding where to buy Pop Rocks (Target and Walmart had none!). We finally found them at Dollar Tree, where you can get a pack of 3 for $1.




June Cleaning Calendar

Click here to get the cleaning calendar for June! I’m sorry for getting it up late – I meant to get it up last night. Happy cleaning! I really like this month’s cleaning tips – have you tried either of these before?


FREE Downloadable “Monsters University” Activity Sheets!

Are you as excited for the Monsters University movie as we are? Brian and I have been huge fans of Monsters, Inc. since it first came out. And that scene at the end when Sully grins as he sees Boo’s face gets me every time. 

Monsters University will be our next family movie to all go see in the theater, and we can’t wait! To help us (and you) pass the time, Disney is letting me share some great downloadable activities.

Reminiscent of (but so much more fun than) the original pin the tail on the donkey, “Archie on the Loose” lets your kids try and put the Monsters University logo on the Fear Tech mascot (ah, classic college prank!) while blindfolded. Click the image below to download your free printable PDF!


This next activity sheet is one I know my boys will enjoy – you can create your own MU (Monsters University) ID badge! Just print out the PDF and let your little monsters draw their little monsters on the card, and voila! You’re good to go. Again, just click on the image below to download your free printable!


Note: Disney provided these activity sheets for me to share but I am not compensated in any way for doing so. I just wanted to spread the fun! 

May the {Holiday} Force be With You

When you’ve got a husband that’s a huge Star Wars fan, it’s not surprising to end up with {awesome} holiday decor like this:

“Holiday cheer to your home, these snowflakes will bring.”  – Santa Yoda

If you want to make your own Star Wars snowflakes, go here for printable templates. You’ll want to have a sharp X-Acto blade on hand for some of the more intricate parts!

Note: Thanks to Brian for inspiring today’s post!

Free Easter Basket Craft – Printable Download!


After doing a survey on my Facebook page last night, it seemed obvious that what people want most in the way of Easter printables is a craft to do with their kids. I did some brainstorming and tried to think of something that would be both fun and practical, and I decided on a pattern for an Easter Treat Basket.

Once you’ve printed your page for the Easter basket from the PDF (I’ll link to the file at the end of this post), let your kids color to their hearts’ content. I had fun coloring one for an example – you might want to do this project  yourself, too! One note – make sure you fill out the “to” and “from” part now, because this will be on the bottom of the basket once it’s complete.

The grid at the top is the actual basket, and the row of Easter eggs is what will become the Easter basket’s handle.

Cut out both the grid and the handle; set the handle aside for now:

Then cut along the top and bottom of the side pieces (you’ll notice that the lines you’re supposed to cut are thicker than the other lines):

Flip the page over and start folding panels. Each of the 9 panels should be folded, all upward/inward, so that it ends up looking like this:

Take the bottom row and fold it up, then fold the side panels of the bottom and middle rows so that they match up and you can stick them together. The best method for this is probably a glue stick, but I didn’t have one handy so I just used scotch tape.

Next, fold the top row up and fold the side panels of the top row so that they cover the sides of the basket; glue/tape these panels and your basket is complete. Then you can glue the handle to the inside, and you’re all set!

You can put candy, cookies, or some other treat in the basket to take to neighbors or friends, or you could put some Easter grass and an egg or two in the basket and put it on your table for a little decor.

Or, as J preferred, you can carry toys around in it:

I printed ours on regular printer paper and it was pretty sturdy, but you could also use card stock to make it even sturdier. Get your own copy of this Easter Basket craft printable – click here and your PDF will automatically start downloading! I hope you have fun making this craft with your children!

Earth Day Activity & Free Printable – Earth Day Superhero!

I thought it’d be fun to create another Earth Day printable for you to do with your children. I know most kids love superheroes, so I decided to make something that will let them BE superheroes for the day.

There’s a sheet for your child to color, and then you can help them list five ways they can help save the Earth. An example would be recycling cans, or turning off lights when they leave a room. When they do something that’s on the list, let them put a sticker beside that item, and once they’ve done everything on the list you can give them their own…

Earth Day Superhero ribbon!

Click here to get your FREE Earth Day Superhero printable!

I’ve also got an Egg Carton Garden printable for another fun Earth Day activity to do with your children – click here for that.