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Falling Into the Gap


I don’t know how much I’ve talked about it before, but I love to shop. It can make being frugal a challenge – but I also almost exclusively buy things on sale or clearance, so that helps. Our town is pretty limited on shopping options. One of my favorite stores to shop at is the […]

Grocery Store Bargains… and a Mess-Up

I’m getting better and better at the whole coupon thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a LONG way to go. I looked up ideas for organizing coupons, and some people put me to shame! I had been using a little accordion file with about 5 pockets in it, but I found it was really […]

Brian’s Bargain


Brian, my husband, often teases me when I get excited about a sale or a bargain. As we’re walking out of the store where the bargain was found, he’ll say, “I bet you can’t wait to look at the receipt and figure out exactly how much you saved, right?” or, “I bet you can’t wait […]

Sunday Shopping: Grocery Store Bargains

Brian and I have a pretty set routine on Sundays. We go to church in the morning, go have lunch, and then by the time we get home the boys are usually exhausted. Brian usually gets the boys ready for their naps while I organize my grocery list. I’ll be the first to admit I’m […]

Consignment Sale Finds

Our city has a twice-a-year consignment sale for infants’ and kids’ clothing, toys, books, and all that other stuff you need when raising kiddos.  It’s something I look forward to each time for two reasons – first, we sell a lot of clothes the kids have outgrown or toys they’re not interested in anymore, and […]