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Cucumber “Cupcakes” with Homemade Hummus “Frosting” Recipe


My good friend Chemese’s birthday was last week, and she requested a little something different from your typical chocolate cake. She asked for me to make a savory snack that would fit with her Vegan lifestyle – cucumber “cupcakes” with hummus “frosting.” For the cupcake part, I just peeled organic cucumbers and cut the ends […]

Shari’s Berries Make a Sweet Valentine’s Gift!


I am one of those that LOVES Valentine’s Day. It can be hard to come up with a good gift idea, especially for someone who has¬†everything…¬†and guys don’t really want a bouquet of flowers, so it can be difficult for girls to find gift ideas for the men in their lives. Are you needing an […]

Free Easter Basket Craft – Printable Download!


After doing a survey on my Facebook page last night, it seemed obvious that what people want most in the way of Easter printables is a craft to do with their kids. I did some brainstorming and tried to think of something that would be both fun and practical, and I decided on a pattern […]