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Birthday Party Recap

Now that we’ve (almost) fully recovered from the birthday weekend I thought I might share a few photos! The party went really well, and although C can’t talk, I feel certain if he could he’d say he had fun. ;)

We scattered some helium-filled balloons around the house, but for the most part we kept the decorating confined to the dining table. I have a feeling when the boys get older I’ll want to do more, but for now this works really well (and is SO easy to clean up – a huge perk for me).

I designed and printed letters to tie in to the birthday invitations, and strung them up with some brown grosgrain ribbon along the window beside the dining table:

Like I mentioned, we had balloons. Obviously not a novel concept at a birthday party – but I love the pops of color they provide.

I loved this – I collected all of the little colorful cars we had in our play room and put them in a glass container for a centerpiece. FREE!

I made the cake and smash cake for the party. Now, before I show you the photo of the main cake, please bear in mind that I didn’t use a pan – I tried carving the cake on my own to save money. I also didn’t give much thought into how the tires would play into my design, so we ended up with a low-rider. ;)  When I first iced the tires, Brian and I burst out laughing (the fact that it was after 1 in the morning probably didn’t help). He thought of getting Oreos to use as wheels, and that helped a little, but, well… you’ll see! I wrote the happy birthday message on the back windshield of the car to try and make it look like window chalk. Not my favorite cake I’ve ever made, but it was colorful and cheery, anyway!

I ended up making a little stop sign for the smash cake. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, although I got lazy at the end (around 2:30 am) and just spread icing around the sides instead of piping it like I’d intended, so it looks a little round:

Here’s a photo of me and the boys at the party – Brian doesn’t really go for posed shots (which, let’s be honest, I doubt we’d have much success with anyway), so we have a lot of candids. I look almost like I’m asleep, but I liked this one because C is intently staring at his new toy, which he was very excited about. For some reason, J wanted to hang out where all the gift-opening was happening, so of course he was up there with us.

It was a really nice celebration of C’s first year, and of course I couldn’t help but get sentimental in thinking that it feels like just yesterday that we were having J’s first birthday party. I know right now they’re too young to remember their birthdays, but I hope when they’re older they’ll look back on the photos and video and see how much they were loved from the very start.

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  • Mamatink April 20, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Wow great job!! Looks better than storebought stuff!

  • Amy April 20, 2010 at 9:33 am

    So cute! We had balloons at Doodlebug’s first birthday and they were a big hit. We got the mylar ones at the Dollar Store, what a deal! When the kids left, we sent one home with each of them as a party favor and kept one for Doodlebug to play with. They look so festive and the kids think they are a huge treat.

    I love the cakes!

  • Christi April 20, 2010 at 10:33 am

    Amy, that is SUCH a good idea to do that with the balloons as party favors! I’m going to remember that for J’s party in August.

  • Deana Birks April 21, 2010 at 10:45 am

    Lovely! Especially like the cars in a bowl.
    .-= Deana Birks´s last blog ..Learn to like it soggy =-.