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Science Spectrum Museum

I mentioned in Monday’s post that we traveled with some of our friends this past weekend. We went to Lubbock for the guys to go to a concert, but while we were there we also spent a large part of our afternoon at a really great museum called the Science Spectrum, and we liked it so much that I thought I’d share a little about it.

We initially heard of this place because right now there is a LEGO exhibit (did I mention that Brian loves LEGOs? Yes, my 28-year-old husband. J loves them too – he inherited that love from Brian!) by an artist named Nathan Sawaya. Whether you like LEGOs or not, Sawaya’s work is pretty impressive – check out this life-size cello he created:

So, we went to this exhibit when we first entered the museum, and to be honest… it was a little disappointing. The pieces were great, don’t get me wrong – but the room was small and we moved through it pretty quickly. I really started to wonder if this was going to be a waste of our time and money.

We moved into the next area, and my fears were quickly abated. If nothing else, I knew this was going to be a fun place for the kids to get out a lot of energy. It was a huge room filled with play toys and centers. J was immediately drawn to a little roller coaster type ride like this:

He spent most of his time at a huge water center, though. Honestly, I think the dads had just as much fun with the water as the kids did! Here’s J playing at one of the water spouts:

C was content playing with a big treehouse toy in the middle of the room, although he eventually ventured off to try other things too.

After spending a good bit of time in this room, we decided to go check out the rest of the museum. There are three floors total, and we only made it through two of them. What I really liked about this museum is that so much of it is interactive. I wish I’d thought to take more photos! Here’s one that I got of J checking out pendulums:

If you’re in Texas I’d recommend taking your kids here for a fun day – there’s also an Omni theatre, but our kids were all too young to enjoy it so we passed. If you’re not in Texas, check online to see what science museums are near you – I think they’re a great way to start a love of learning at an early age!


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