Menu Plan Monday – August 2 – Frugal Novice

Menu Plan Monday – August 2

Menu Plan Monday

First off, before getting into my menu for the week, I have to share another ice cream recipe we’ve discovered (can you tell we love this machine?) today. I know I gave you two recipes Thursday when I reviewed the ice cream maker, but this one is too good not to share. It’s CINNAMON. Cinnamon ice cream is a totally new thing for me and I never would have thought about using that flavor in something cold, but it is so good! Here’s a link to the recipe on I read some reviews before we made it, and one person suggested having this with warm apple crisp. We’re totally going to try that sometime this fall.

Ok, on to our meal plan for the week. It’s going to sound pretty redundant from last week because there are several meals we didn’t end up making. One night some friends brought over Chinese food, so we didn’t end up cooking after all, and another night I ended up making pasta instead when we had company. Soooo, don’t feel like you’re experiencing deja vue when you read some of the meals for the week. :)

Monday: Baked chicken with homemade mashed potatoes & green beans

Tuesday: Kung Pao chicken (that great recipe from Food on the Table!)

Wednesday: Buffalo chicken pizza

Thursday: Homemade tomato basil soup – this is the link to when I posted the recipe for pasta sauce. I mentioned then that we sometimes add cream to make it soup, and that’s what we’re doing this week! I’ll buy a baguette, slice it up and put it under the broiler to make it extra crispy for dipping.

Friday & Saturday: Noooo plans – eating out! Why, you ask? J’s BIRTHDAY PARTY IS SATURDAY!!! And maybe I’m equally as excited as he is. :) I figure Friday night I’ll be busy finishing his cake, and Saturday night we’ll be exhausted from festivities. So we’re planning to be lazy for our meals. Can I just say, as an aside, that I seriously can’t believe he’s about to be three? I’m sure I’ll be posting more about that later this week.

I have several fun posts coming up this week – I have photos to share from our trip down to Corpus Christi and our stay at the Omni Hotel Bayfront Tower… plus, I have three (in honor of J turning three) giveaways! I have to confess I meant to get at least one of these posted last week, but it’ll be fun to get all three started this week. Keep an eye out!

Have an absolutely wonderful week, everyone! And seriously, if you have any good recipes (ice cream or otherwise) please pass them my way! Now that we’re busier I feel like I have less time to find something new to try, so we’re slipping into our food rut. Heeeelp!


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  • FoodontheTable August 2, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Thanks for including the Kung Pao chicken recipe! I’ve made cinnamon ice cream before and loved it! I made it to serve on top of apple cobbler.