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Trina Travel Bag Review

When we travel now as a family of four, it’s even more important to me that I have my things organized, because the likelihood of everything staying in order is pretty slim. Since we’re taking more with us, I also have to pack smartly to use space the best way.

Trina cosmetic bags and travel accessories allow you to pack efficiently and travel stylishly. Take this weekender bag, for instance:

The houndstooth print and black trim is chic and adds some flair to the basic solids most people travel with. It’s not just pretty, though – check out what’s inside:

Three smaller coordinating bags nest inside, allowing you to be completely organized. How smart is that? It’s versatile, too – the smaller bags can be removed and used separately, giving you one larger space to use.

I got the chance to review a Trina jewelry roll in Martinique. The print is vivid and feels both summery and luxurious:

The bag is composed of two pieces – a flat bag, which is wrapped around a zippered pouch.

The pouch is secured in place by snaps and can easily be removed:

This is a great travel system that I think most women would find fits well with their needs. I like that I can put bulkier items like watches and chunky bracelets in the cylinder, while keeping more delicate things separate in the zippered pockets of the flat bag. I also really love that Trina pulls from runway looks and strives for a fashion-forward look. They say their bags combine “couture details with ultimate functionality,” and I really found this to be the case.

Find a Trina bag that works for you at Nordstrom!

Note: I was provided a bag for review, but this did not influence my review – opinions are honest and remain my own. I was not compensated monetarily.


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