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Sears Labor Day Sale

Ok, if you know me at all, you know I LOVE sales. Honestly, I don’t do much shopping if there’s not a sale involved – if I buy something at regular price, I wonder if I could have gotten it for less. That holds especially true for big purchases like appliances – I’m always on the hunt for the best deal.

Sears is having a big Labor Day Sale this weekend, which speaks right to my bargain-loving self! It starts today, September 1, and runs through Tuesday, September 7. The sale is called the Big Switch Labor Day Sale, where Sears invites customers to make The Big Switch to ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. To find out more about The Big Switch, you can visit In addition to financial benefits, The Big Switch also helps the environment. I know we have several ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and it makes me feel good to know we’re at least doing something to help.

Only Sears has the largest selection of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and everyday low price guarantee. Their Labor Day Sale features a big variety of savings on a lot of different energy efficient appliances and products, including:

• 30% off all ENERGY STAR qualified appliances from Whirlpool, Samsung and Maytag.

• 20% off all other ENERGY STAR appliances.

• Extra 5% off all appliances with a Sears Card.

• Save over $700 on LG washer/dryer pair.

We have an LG washer/dryer set that we absolutely LOVE – it’s silver, so I think it’s pretty, too, but we also learned when we purchased it that it uses less water, which saves us money and also helps the environment. All of our kitchen appliances are ENERGY STAR qualified, too – that was a big priority for us when we redid our kitchen! The Sears Labor Day Sale is the perfect time to update your appliances and make The Big Switch.


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