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Holiday Gift Guide: OtterBox iPad Case Review

The Skinny: This case incorporates three layers of protection plus some advanced features. Stowing your iPad away for the night or for your commute? Simply remove the back polycarbonate cover and snap it over the face for touch screen protection.

There is a built-in stand, and when using your iPad on a flat surface, the silicone grip pads on the bottom will hold your device securely in place. This case was also designed to accommodate the optional iPad dock accessory! Take your iPad everywhere you go knowing that it is safe from the occasional drop, bump and/or scratch.

Our Opinion: We have used the OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series case and loved the protection it provides. This same great level of protection is provided for the iPad, which is very important to us since a) the iPad isn’t cheap and b) it’s got a relatively large screen that has the potential to be damaged.

The OtterBox iPad case has a black flexible sleeve augmented with sturdy white framing. It looks sleek and feels secure without being bulky.

There’s an easy-to-remove cover that allows access to the dock port for charging:

The polycarbonate cover can snap on the back of the iPad, letting you use the rubber feet for secure footing, or it can snap to the front to protect the screen when the device is not in use:

The case also has a built-in stand making it easy to use the iPad for viewing media, playing games, or browsing the internet.

The screen protector is almost unnoticeable once it’s in place, which is a big pro since I have had problems with other screen protectors and air bubbles before. It’s a little bit of a challenge getting it in place, but there are instructions and videos on to give tips or answer any questions you might have.

This case is a little pricey – $89.95 for the Defender Series. In my opinion, though, this is a good value for your money. Also, when you’re making a big purchase like the iPad, investing in something to keep it as safe as possible makes sense. We’ve already gone through one less expensive case that has fallen apart, but this case feels like it will last the long haul (and my experience with the iPhone case lends to that feeling too). It’s also stylish – we especially love the white/black combo we reviewed.

Buy it For: Any iPad owner. I think parents will especially appreciate the protection – I know Brian mentioned right off the bat that now we won’t have to worry when the boys want to play with the iPad. This case comes in five different color combination options, and there is also a Commuter Series case in black that’s available for $64.95.

Right now OtterBox is offering FREE overnight domestic shipping, with your case guaranteed to arrive by December 24. Order now and you can still have your gift ready for Christmas.

Note: I received an iPad case from OtterBox for review. All opinions in this post are honest and are my own. I was not compensated monetarily for this review.


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