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Jewelry With a Meaning

What girl doesn’t love jewelry? I think every female I know has spent at least some amount of time daydreaming about engagement rings. I remember in college some friends and I surfing the web just for fun and showing each other rings we liked (Brian ended up doing a great job picking out a ring, by the way).

A couple of months before we got married, Brian and I went together to look at wedding rings. There are SO many more options out there for women than men, but I guess that’s because we care about what our rings look like a little bit more. We had fun picking out our rings together.

I know where I’m from it’s really common for people to get promise rings, too – kind of a pre-engagement ring. I didn’t have an official promise ring but Brian did give me one for our anniversary one year that I wore until we got engaged. It’s kind of a nice way to show your intentions even before taking the next step of engagement, I think.  I love jewelry that has a sentimental meaning behind it – the pieces I love most all mean something special to me.


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