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Offermatic Review & Giveaway!

I love finding out about new ways to save money, and anyone who knows me knows that I love coupons! Well, I’ve recently been introduced to a new site that is all about saving money:

Offermatic is a company that provides savings in a completely new way. Users register their debit or credit cards, and then Offermatic sends specific offers based on spending habits.  The offers come in the form of discounts and istant rebates targeted to users based on credit & debit card transactions.

Offermatic assures users that registering card information is 100% secure – and is anonymous. According to their site:

“To create an Offermatic account, you simply provide us email, password, and zip code. We do not ask for your name, address, social security number, or other personally identifiable data. Once you’ve created your account, you securely link your credit or debit card to your Offermatic account by entering your login credentials for your card issuer. This is the username and password you use to login to your bank online to view your card statement. You only provide these login credentials once, so that we can securely link to your financial institution and automatically download your transaction data. We don’t store your credit or debit card login credentials on our servers, and we never have access to your card account number(s). So while we will have have anonymous access to your transactions (in order to save you money) – we don’t know who you are, your address, or your card account number(s).”

To read more about their security measures, click here.

Once a user links a card, he or she will be sent e-mail offers for instant rebates. These are automatically applied once the user clicks to activate the deal. This way you don’t have you use coupons or rebate forms.  All offers are discounted 50% or more, and Offermatic will only send offers that are related to a user’s interests, location, or spending habits.

Offermatic has provided me with a pretty sweet giveaway for my readers – TWENTY pairs of Fandango tickets (and each ticket is worth $12!). Here’s how it’s going to work… I’m really excited about this and think it’ll be a lot of fun! Tomorrow I will post at four random times throughout the day. For each of the posts, the first 5 people to do the following will win a pair of tickets:

–       “Like” Offermatic on Facebook

–       Write on Offermatic’s wall: “ sent me!”

–       Comment here letting me know you’ve done so.

Easy, right? I’ll be checking each winner to make sure you’ve completed all three steps.

So, come back tomorrow and you just might win a date night out to the movies! Don’t forget, there will be four posts throughout the day that you’ll have the chance to win on. I’ll publicize each post on the FrugalNovice Facebook and Twitter pages too.

Note: As stated above, is supplying Fandango tickets for tomorrow’s giveaway. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post.

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  • Matthew January 18, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    i like offermatic too. I’ve done the steps!

  • Christi January 18, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Great, Matthew! The giveaway will actually take place tomorrow, so since you’ve already done the steps just keep an eye out for one of the four posts tomorrow! Best of luck!

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