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Protecting Your Marriage

When Brian and I got engaged, we did premarital counseling at the university we graduated from. We were so glad we did it because the counselor had us talk about issues we might never have thought to discuss, and it gave us insight as to how each of us approach things that can be hot button topics, like money management. In our case it was really nice to find out we were on the same page about most things.

I think most people would agree that their marriage is one of the most important things in their life. Sometimes couples encounter bumps along the road and may even feel like they are drifting apart. Marriage counseling is a great option to help bring problems to the forefront so they can be resolved. Some people might not like the idea of bringing someone else into what can be personal problems, but marriage help can be the answer if it’s hard to resolve problems by yourselves.

There are a ton of resources out there, from finding a marriage counselor to books to finding resources online. Whatever solution is chosen, there are many great ways to protect or salvage a marriage.


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