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Free Easter Basket Craft – Printable Download!


Easter is right around the corner, and I’m sharing a fun craft for you – an Easter Treat Basket. This is a great project to do one-on-one at home, but you could also do this at a school party and then let children fill their baskets with treats. Fun and easy!

Once you’ve printed your page for the Easter basket from the PDF (I’ll link to the file at the end of this post), let your kids color to their hearts’ content. I had fun coloring one for an example – you might want to do this project¬† yourself, too! One note – make sure you fill out the “to” and “from” part now, because this will be on the bottom of the basket once it’s complete.

As you can see in the image above, the grid at the top is the actual basket, and the row of Easter eggs is what will become the Easter basket’s handle.

Cut out both the grid and the handle; set the handle aside for now.


Then cut along the top and bottom of the side pieces (you’ll notice that the lines you’re supposed to cut are thicker than the other lines).

Flip the page over and start folding panels. Each of the 9 panels should be folded, all upward/inward, so that it ends up looking like this:


Take the bottom row and fold it up, then fold the side panels of the bottom and middle rows so that they match up and you can stick them together. The best method for this is a glue stick.


Next, fold the top row up and fold the side panels of the top row so that they cover the sides of the basket; glue/tape these panels and your basket is complete. Then you can glue the handle to the inside, and you’re all set!


You can put candy, cookies, or some other treat in the basket to take to neighbors or friends, or you could put some Easter grass and an egg or two in the basket and put it on your table for a little decor.


I printed ours on regular printer paper and it was pretty sturdy, but you could also use card stock to make it even sturdier. Get your own copy of this Easter Basket craft printable – click here and your PDF will automatically start downloading! I hope you have fun making this craft with your children!

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  • Jennifer O'Sullivan March 27, 2012 at 10:49 am

    I used this for our Brownie Group we had lots of fun with it very easy to make ….thanks a mil Jennifer

  • judy gardner April 5, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    this is so cute – i think we will make some after dyeing eggs for Easter! thanks for sharing!

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