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Energizer Inductive Charger Review

I use my phone constantly – to check email or Facebook, to text, to take photos, and even sometimes to – gasp – talk on the phone. Since I use it all the time, the battery tends to wear down before the end of my work day.

When I got the chance to review the Energizer Inductive Charger, I was really excited – anything that makes life more convenient is really valuable to me (and I’m sure a lot of you other moms out there, too).

I received a sleeve for my iPhone 4. I just slipped the sleeve on and it clicked into place, providing a secure case for use all day. To charge the phone, all I had to do was place the phone (with the sleeve on) on to the charger. As soon as it was charging, a blue light lit up, letting me know it had a secure connection.

My favorite thing about this charger is how easy it is! Other chargers require magnetic alignment, but the Energizer inductive charger has special technology that allows for placement anywhere on the two large Qi charging areas. There’s no secret spot to find, so if you accidentally bump your charger or device, it will keep charging – until it has a full charge. This feature is important, because then you don’t overcharge your battery, which can cause it to deplete more quickly over time.

I reviewed the Powermat last year, and although I liked it at first, it later became really difficult to find the right spot for my phone to charge. The Energizer mat is above and beyond an easier, more convenient mat to use. I’m extremely impressed with it, and would highly recommend it for anyone – and especially for a Father’s Day gift!

If you’d like to win a charger, be sure and pop on over to their Facebook page and enter their contest! It runs through June 11 and the winner will receive an Energizer Inductive Charger, along with one of the compatible phones and a compatibility sleeve. Click here to go enter the Energizer Qi(chee)Stakes!

Note: I received a charger and sleeve to review. I was not compensated monetarily. All opinions provided are honest and my own.


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  • blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell June 8, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    I tried the same one you did last year, and I’m glad this is an improvement!