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HIT Entertainment is a Hit at Our House!

When we choose movies and TV shows for the boys to watch, we’re pretty picky. Thankfully HIT Entertainment and LIONSGATE make it easy for us to find family-friendly, educational things the boys can enjoy and we don’t have to worry about.

We’ve gotten the opportunity to review several great DVDs from HIT Entertainment recently, and I thought I’d share some of them with y’all in case you’re looking for ideas for your children!


Roary the Racing Car • Released June 7 • Standard Retail Price: $14.98

With this DVD you have a front row ticket to Silver Hatch Racetrack to delight in the high-speed adventures of Roary, Dragga, Zizzy and Lugga, along with human pals Big Chris, Marsha, Officer Pete and Mr. Caburettor. They drive through lessons in doing the right thing, staying positive, helping others, staying safe, problem solving and friendship.

Our Opinion: We watched this while on a road trip, so Brian and I mostly just heard the dialogue. It seemed a little slow to us, but the boys absolutely loved it, and I did like that it promoted kindness and other good qualities.


Angelina Ballerina: Pop Star Girls • Released June 7 • Standard Retail Price: $14.98

Join beloved mouseling Angelina Ballerina and her friends as they star in an all-new, show-stopping spectacle full of fun, friendship and dance. Just like all aspiring stars, Angelina and her friends are always ready to dance and have a good time! When kids share in Angelina’s experiences, they’re inspired to go after their big dreams too.

Our Opinion: We sent this DVD with the boys when our friends babysat for them one day; they have two little girls and I figured they might enjoy it more than our boys would. J & C said they liked it but they seemed indifferent. It was a hit with the girls, though!


Bob the Builder: The Big Dino Dig • Released June 14 • Standard Retail Price: $9.98

Bob and the Can-Do crew star in an all-new, Jurassic-sized adventure. Always on the job with a smile and a can-do attitude, Bob, Scoop, Dizzy – along with new team member Rubble – tackle every project with the power of positive thinking, problem solving, cooperation and follow-through. From start to finish, these hard workers prove the fun is in getting it done!

Our Opinion: The boys loved this movie – it combines machinery and dinosaurs; what’s not to love? I like that Bob the Builder promotes sticking with something until you finish it, and good teamwork.


Fireman Sam: Brave New Rescues • Release Date: July 5 • Standard Retail Price: $9.98

Fireman Sam is as ready as ever to save the day! With a level head, a courageous nature and a compassionate heart, Sam is a role model for kids of all ages, teaching lessons in safety, loyalty, leadership, cooperation and friendship. Whether showing the community the importance of honesty, setting sail on the sea, organizing a surprise party or hosting a fire station open house, Fireman Sam welcomes you to join in the fun!

Our Opinion: I’m indifferent toward this DVD; Brian wished the siren wouldn’t go off so much, but I guess that’s par for the course with a fireman movie. The boys thought it was great and seemed riveted to the TV.


Timmy Time: Picture Day • Release Date: June 28 • Standard Retail Price: $14.98

The fun and learning never stops when Timmy is ready for his close-up! Whether struggling to keep clean for class photo day, celebrating the color blue, jamming with the school band or just playing with his pals, you know your in for a barnyard-sized bunch of hilarious antics and adventures with Timmy!

Our Opinion: The boys and Brian like Timmy Time a lot – Brian for the claymation style animation, and the boys for the story lines. I think it’s a decent show, but I get a little bored if I try to watch it with them. C especially loves this, though, and asks to watch it all the time!


Preschool Fun • Release Date: July 5 • Standard Retail Price: $14.98

Class is back in session with all your favorite friends! Making the grade in this all-new collection of eight episodes are Barney, Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Kipper, Roary the Racing Car and Timmy Time. They’re ready to teach lessons in friendship, responsibility, cooperation, loyalty, sharing and more.

Our Opinion: This is a great mix of shows, and it’s nice to have a compilation with some variety. Great DVD for road trips!

Note: We received copies of these DVDs to review, but all opinions are honest and are our own. I was not compensated monetarily for this post.


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    I’m curious about the Dino Dig adventures of Bob the Builder. Thanks for sharing.