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Lasagna Wontons Recipe

Brian and I love to try new meal ideas, but lately we’ve been so busy we’ve kind of fallen into a rut. Tonight we went to our friends’ Jake and Samantha’s house for dinner and got to try something new – and they were kind enough to let me take photos to share with you!

They made fried lasagna wontons, an idea I never would have thought to try – and check out how easy they are to make. You’ll want to try these too!

First, make or buy a meat sauce. Sam made hers from scratch. There are a lot of great meat sauce recipes on, or you can find something at your local supermarket.

You’ll also want to have ricotta. In traditional lasagna you use egg as a binder, but that wasn’t necessary for these. Sam mixed ricotta, oregano, fresh sweet basil, garlic salt, and pepper together.

Before you start assembling the wontons, get oil heating on the stove. Then it’s time for the fun part!

You can find wonton wrappers at most grocery stores – Sam said she found theirs in the produce section. Also set out a small bowl of water for helping to seal the edges.

Place a small amount of ricotta on the center of each wonton wrapper, then top with a small amount of sauce.

At first, Sam tried making little pouches, which are really pretty but more time-consuming to create and to cook.

Then she conferred with Jake and they decided to do little dumpling/empanada shapes.

To do this shape, she just placed a little bit of water around the edge of the wonton wrapper, then folded them over and pressed to seal. She trimmed a little to round the edges, and crimped with a fork.

To cook, she placed them in oil until they floated and were a nice golden brown.

They were delicious! The centers were soft, but the edges were nice and crispy.

So, now I’m inspired! I want to try making these and baking them to see what the finished result is like, but even more I’d like to play around with other fillings. I can think of all sorts of other flavor combinations I’d like to try, both sweet and savory. Stay tuned – I’ll keep you posted on any successful experiments! If you have any ideas you think I should try, share them in the comments. If they sound promising, I’ll try them, share them on here, and of course give you the credit you deserve for your amazing idea. :)

Be sure and visit Sam’s blog, too – she shares fun and innovative items that she loves, and that you’ll probably love too!

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