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SwimWays Gear in Action

I wrote last week about the gear we received as SwimWays ambassadors. We got a chance on Thursday to try most of it out for the first time when our friends invited us to go swimming with them! This was our first trip to the pool for the summer, and I have to say that going swimming really makes it feel like summer.

J wore the Swim Vest, and C wore the Swim Shorty.

Both of these items were great. They provided buoyancy without being too bulky or cumbersome. C was a little nervous at first, but the Shorty helped him balance better to walk along the shallow end. He even got comfortable enough to “swim” along with me holding him under his arms – his little feet make a big splash! Brian took him in to the deeper part of the pool and said C didn’t seem nervous there, either.

They had fun playing with the football and fish – both items were a hit, and we had to institute “switch” times so they got turns with each toy.

There was one point when J tipped over in the shallow end. Even with the vest on, of course, his face went into the water and he did not know what to do. We were close by and Brian plucked him up quickly, but it reminded me of a point that I want to really stress – safety gear is not a substitute for parental awareness. Don’t get so comfortable because your child has gear on that you don’t keep an eye on him.

That being said, we are huge fans of the SwimWays products. They do provide a level of safety that the boys wouldn’t have without them, and the buoyancy gives them a better sense of confidence in the water.  The items we received are high-quality, lightweight, fun colors, and dry quickly after being removed from the water. We will definitely continue to use the gear for future swimming excursions. Hopefully the boys will continue to get more comfortable and gain skills; they’re on the right path!

How comfortable are your kids in the water? Have they taken swim lessons? Do you use any safety gear with them?

Note: We received SwimWays items as part of our role as SwimWays ambassadors. Any opinions provided in this post are honest and are completely my own or those of my family.

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  • Janalyn June 24, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    C looks a little nervous in that first picture, but then so happy in the water! I vote for swim lessons as soon as a kid shows interest. J could probably handle it this summer (maybe after a few more trips to the pool), but I bet they would both do great next year in a beginner class together. I loved teaching siblings because they like competing and end up pushing each other further than they may have been willing to push themselves!