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What’s Your Jewelry Style?

I’m pretty simple in the way I dress. Jeans, a shirt, a cardigan and flats are my standard attire. Because of that, I have a little more fun with my jewelry. I like big chunky bracelets, colorful strands of beads, and unique earrings.

When it comes to rings, though, I’m pretty set in my ways. I have one or two rings I alternate between on my right hand, and then my left hand is reserved solely for my engagement/wedding/anniversary rings (which are soldered together into one piece):

Brian did such a good job picking out my engagement ring – it’s clean and very much “me.” I think every girl spends time looking at rings before she’s engaged, checking out beautiful brands like Tacori engagement rings and imagining what style of ring they’ll have one day.

Then it comes time to choose the wedding bands. We went together – did you go with your spouse to pick out bands?  What type of rings did each of you end up picking? For Brian we initially got a white gold band but then for our one-year anniversary I surprised him with a titanium pipe fit band that was much more his style. For girls there are so many more options, from eternity bands to rings with Pave settings.

No matter what rings are chosen, the sentiment behind them is what matters most of all, don’t you think?

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