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Car Innovations

I am always amazed at advancements in technology, and how they infiltrate almost every aspect of our lives, whether it be in the home or even in our vehicles. For instance, I know I have a hard time keeping track of when my last oil change was along with other things I have done to the car. With the advent of a digital vehicle maintenance log, it makes it easy for people like me to know the details of their car’s maintenance history. People can even get an automated meter reading.

Another technological advancement that I’m a HUGE fan of is GPS route planning software. We use our GPS on our iPhones quite a bit, whether on road trips or even in our town. I was especially thankful to have it when in San Antonio alone with J a few years ago. Brian was busy all day helping set up for a friend’s wedding, but the GPS allowed me to find a good shopping center and find my way to a friend’s house to visit.

What’s crazy to me is to think about what technology might be around by the time the boys are driving – I can’t even imagine!


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