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A Second Opinion

I can’t wait to update you on my weight loss tomorrow, because this has been a good week! For now, though, I’m checking in with a post to tell you about Tuesday’s meals. I’m sure you’re wondering about the title of the post – I’ll explain here in just a minute.

Breakfast: Feta and English Pea Frittata with Fresh Fruit and Chicken Apple Sausage (300 calories)

I had mixed emotions about the frittata prior to eating it. On one hand, I love feta cheese. On the other, I hate peas. What’s a girl to do? Well, give it a try, for one thing. And I liked it! The flavor of the cheese kind of masked the peas to me, and I really enjoyed it. I was happy to get some strawberries, too, because those are one of my favorite fruits.

Lunch: Grilled Vietnamese Beef Noodle Bowl (300 calories)

Here’s where the “second opinion” comes into play. I had tried a Vietnamese Noodle Bowl a while back, and it wasn’t really my cup of tea. So, I ate a lunch that equaled 300 calories and let Brian try this to give his opinion, since it sounded like something he’d like. He had to work through lunch and ate it up at his office, but he sent me the photo above and then this one shortly after:

Along with a text saying, “Verdict: Awesome!” He said he thought it was great and that he could eat this meal day in and day out. It didn’t seem like a “diet” meal to him at all. He’s a much more adventurous eater than I am, so he’s always a great person to get food feedback from.

Dinner: Citrus Lavender Glazed Chicken with Vegetable Ragout & Brown Jasmine Rice (390 calories)

I enjoyed this meal; at first I wasn’t sure about the lavender element of it, but combined with the citrus flavor it was nicely balanced and made for a great chicken dish. The ragout was filled with tender veggies and I especially loved the zucchini. I knew I’d like the rice, because we’ve tried Jasmine rice before and loved it! This felt like a step up from a meal we might normally have in our house – it had the basic elements, but dressed them up with another layer of flavor.

Dessert: Peach Cobbler (170 calories)

I heated this up in the microwave for 15 seconds, then broke up the breading and mixed it with the peach filling – YUM! I would’ve liked a little granola or something to provide some crunch, but overall it was a great dessert.

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  • Samantha August 31, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    I love reading your posts about all the delicious yet HEALTHY meals from Freshology. Haha I’ve started to look forward to seeing what you eat next. Can’t wait to see y’all tomorrow!