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Avoiding Food Temptations

I learned a valuable lesson today in avoiding food temptations – eat first! We went out to Jason’s Deli and I had (for some reason) decided to wait and eat dinner when we got back. Bad idea! I was good, but it was challenging watching Brian scarf down his fully-loaded baked potato while I sipped water. Next time I will definitely eat beforehand so it’s a little less tempting!

Other than dinner, it was pretty easy to stick to my meals for the day. I had the not-so-fun experience of getting rear ended this afternoon (our poor car didn’t fare too well!) and felt a little shaky so I did have a little bit of apple mid-afternoon again.

Breakfast: Basil & Artichoke Omelet with Fresh Fruit & Turkey Bacon (330 calories)

SO good. The fruit was fresh and I saved it for “dessert.” The omelet was two egg rounds with the basil & artichoke between them. It was really flavorful and the eggs were fluffy. Texture is really important to me, and so far the texture of everything has been incredibly impressive. My favorite part of this breakfast was the turkey bacon. It was amazing! Let me just say, we’ve made turkey bacon before and I have never liked it – it’s always seemed like cardboard. This turkey bacon was delicious! I wasn’t a huge fan of the little wedge of bread, but it was good with the omelet on it.

Lunch: Mandarin Steak Salad (320 calories)

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo! This salad was refreshing because it was so different from most salads I’ve eaten. There was seasoned beef in the top compartment along with mandarin oranges, carrots and cucumber. The dressing was tangy and added great flavor to everything.

Dinner: Herb Roasted Chicken Breast with Grilled Eggplant & Roasted Peppers

The flavors in this meal were all spot-on and didn’t make me feel at all like I was missing out on anything. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was really great with the peppers. I ate a little of the eggplant & liked the flavor, but haven’t ever really had it before and the texture kind of threw me off. Brian has had eggplant before so I had him try it, and he said that’s its typical texture. Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

Dessert: Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake (190 calories)

My white plate makes it look like I took the cake into a studio for photographing it! The cake was really good and had a nice level of chocolate to it. I should have shot it next to something so you can get an idea of size – the cake was smaller than my fist, but it was a satisfying end to today’s meals. I have a huge sweet tooth, so getting to have dessert each day really helps me a lot!

I was pretty happy with how today went. I’m still having moments of being hungry throughout the day, but drinking water does help suppress that. I’ve realized how much I relied on little snacks throughout the day. Before I might just grab a handful of Reese’s Pieces from my candy machine at work, or eat a couple of animal crackers with the boys, and little things like that can really add up to sabotage efforts to stay healthy or lose weight. I’m a lot more aware not of what I consume, and having the meals prepared for me really helps me stay on track!

Note: I received food from Freshology to facilitate my review. I was not compensated monetarily. All opinions shared in this post are honest and are entirely my own.

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