Brian Lost His Wedding Ring – Frugal Novice

Brian Lost His Wedding Ring

Yep… he lost it a couple of weeks ago. He was out in our back yard cleaning up a gigantic mess created by our dog, and he slipped his ring in his pocket to keep it from getting dirty. Apparently it slipped out during the process, so it’s likely somewhere in our back yard. For now he’s wearing a plain band I had, but soon we’ll be looking for a replacement ring. I think tungsten wedding bands are a perfect choice. The metal is tough, and can withstand things like yard work without getting damaged. The black tungsten rings are REALLY nice… there’s one I particularly like that has silver striping around it. They just seem like a cool, non-traditional option for men. I spent quite a bit of time looking at and have found several rings to show Brian so we can hopefully get him a new ring soon.


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