Celebrations – Frugal Novice


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’m turning the big 3-0 on Friday! For my birthday, my friend Stephanie treated for me to take a cooking class with her tonight. It was SO much fun! It was a surf and turf night, so we did beef filet & lobster plus potatoes, shallots and asparagus.

We learned how to “hypnotize” lobsters to calm them down so they’re easier to work with:

Here’s me and Stephanie with the lobsters after they were cooked. It’s funny to me that I’m pretending to eat the lobster since I don’t like seafood at. all.

I definitely can’t wait to do another class! We learned a lot and the food ended up tasting great.

Oh yeah, food… so – I ate what we prepared, meaning I didn’t eat my Freshology dinner. I’ve realized that during times of celebration there are lots of opportunities for eating. Between going out with friends, or even getting to do a cooking class like I mentioned, it’s easy to get off track a little, but I’m going to keep trying to stick to the plan as best I can without beating myself for enjoying some treats.

Ok, on to meals:

Breakfast: Broccoli & Cheddar Omelet (280 calories)

The broccoli and cheese along with the eggs made for a mild flavor combination and then the peaches were a stronger flavor with a sweet/sour balance going on. I missed having turkey bacon or something to go along with it, though!

Lunch: Garlic & Basil Chicken Pizza (400 calories)

I’ve liked every pizza I’ve had from Freshology – this one was no exception. The garlic and basil worked really well together and it had a ton of onions and chicken on it too, which I really enjoyed. I did remove the olives, but other than that I’d give this 5 stars!

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