Menu Plan Monday Sept 5-9 – Frugal Novice

Menu Plan Monday Sept 5-9

Menu Plan Monday

I love holiday weekends! We’ve had a fun weekend so far and it’s not even over yet. Saturday we were pretty productive around the house, doing what felt like a million loads of laundry, but we were also able to fit in some fun things too. We went out and got part of J’s big kid bed – the mattress and bedding. We’ll get a frame soon, but for now he’ll sleep on the mattress on the floor. I’ll tell you more about his bedding and plans for the boys’ room in an upcoming post – there’s an element I’m especially excited about and can’t wait to show you!

Today was a great day – church, lunch and games with friends, a get together with our small group, and then we ended the day with a walk… because it was actually COOL yesterday! It felt amazing after almost three months of triple-digit weather – the temps were in the 80’s during the day and in the upper 70’s when we went for our walk.

Tomorrow we’re planning to go on a bike ride at the park, hang out around the house, and then meet our friends at the park for grilling out and letting the kids play.

I ate well on Saturday but slipped up a little today! Saturday I had a cheese stick for 90 calories for breakfast, peanut butter toast for 350 calories for lunch, and a chicken strip kids meal from Sonic for 330 calories for dinner. I also had three chocolate chip cookies for 260 calories. Total calories for Saturday were 1,030. A little low, but probably a good thing considering how I ate today!

I had a cinnamon cake for 150 calories for breakfast – not too bad! For lunch we met our friends at Carino’s. I looked up what I could eat ahead of time, so I ate part of a Caesar salad and part of a pasta dish – angel hair pasta with spicy marinara. This totaled 376 calories. I ate bread too, though, adding another 200 calories. They didn’t include their bread on their nutritional chart, so I guessed on calories and probably ate more than I should have. C got to have a mini chocolate cake and I let myself have a couple of bites of that, for around 70 calories. This brings my total for the day so far to 746 calories. Then we had friends over for games and I ate some baked tortilla chips with salsa for 150 calories plus four chocolate chip cookies for 344 calories. Horrible, right?! The worst thing to me is that in the past I snacked like that all. the. time and thought nothing of it. For dinner I ate a taco for a total of 260 calories. This brings my total calories for today to 1,500. Walking two miles burned about 200 calories, so I ended up not being too far over, but I felt awful after eating so much. It was definitely a wake up call that eating less is so much better for me.

Menu plan time! I am starting back on Freshology tomorrow, on the Silver plan – I’m so ready! I know what I’ll be having each day so I can share my dinner plans along with what the boys will be eating. I’ll still be posting daily and will include breakfast and lunch info there.

Monday: Chicken Paillard with Fire roasted Spanish Rice for me. The guys will be having hot dogs and baked beans along with our friends.

Tuesday: Cilantro Crusted Tilapia with Salsa Verde is on my plan, but I don’t like seafood at all. Brian will eat this and I’ll eat something comparable in calories.The boys are going to have chicken and veggies.

Wednesday: I’m teaching a class and it will be a really rushed evening, so the boys are going to pick up Wendy’s to eat. I’ll be eating Turkey Meatloaf with Tomato Sauce. Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about meatloaf, but I trust Freshology to make pretty much anything taste good!

Thursday: I’ll be eating Eggplant Parmesan Pasta, and the boys will be eating whole-wheat penne with pasta sauce and lean ground beef, along with a carrot and broccoli blend.

Friday: Braised Beef with Brussels Sprouts and Red Quinoa for me, and leftovers for the guys.

Hope you all have a great week! Be sure and check out my video update below to find out how much weight I’ve lost to this point, and what my goal is for the next four weeks while on the Silver plan!

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