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Freshology Final Thoughts

I can hardly believe two months have passed since I first started Freshology! It has truly been a learning experience and I’m SO excited with my overall weight loss -13 pounds in two months is AMAZING!

If you’ve found this post because you’re looking into Freshology, I can honestly tell you that the Gold plan from Freshology gets 5 stars from me. You’re just not going to find anything else like it – gourmet food that is fresh and really easy to stick with because it’s just that good. Yes, it’s a little pricey. But yes, the value in the cost is evident. The quality of ingredients, the creativity of the recipes, the efficiency of the packaging, the speed of delivery and the attentive customer service all add up to an impressive experience.

I liked the Silver plan, but after having eaten the Gold food for a month, I was spoiled and so frozen food just wasn’t as appealing. The recipes and flavoring were great, but there’s just a difference between fresh and frozen. It was a little harder for me to stick to the Silver plan, and when traveling it’s a lot easier to pop one of the fresh meals into a cooler than it is to keep food frozen. One feature I’m really impressed with is the ability to have meals delivered to a different location – obviously not an option for weekend trips, but if you’re going on vacation, for instance, you can have food delivered there instead of your house.

Another plus of Freshology is the variety of meals. When I was on the Gold plan, I never had the same meal twice. I tried foods I’d never had before and expanded my list of foods I like. With some diets, you get tied down to eating the same things over and over, which gets tiresome quickly and can sabotage your progress. Having different foods each day kept things interesting.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again – if you’re looking at Freshology and are thinking about trying it, spend the extra money to do the Gold plan. You’ll be so glad you did! Even if you just do Freshology for one month, it’s a great way to get started on eating the way you should – I’ve learned so much that I’ll take with me and use to improve my health way beyond two months.

I shot a video with some last thoughts about Freshology:

If you have any questions or want my feedback on any aspect of Freshology, leave a comment below or shoot me an email – I’m happy to help! If you want to read some of my other posts about Freshology, click here.

Thanks to everyone who has followed along these two months – I hope you’ll stick around for other great things to come!

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