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Food for Intergalactic Travel

Yes, that is by far the most random post title on my blog. Do you know what I’m referring to, though? Astronaut food! Brian and I were talking about this just the other day. And, okay, astronaut food isn’t the technically correct term. Whatever you call it, freeze dried food is pretty amazing. I remember getting to sample some as a child and thinking it was so cool!

Nowadays, though, freeze dried food is for more than just the few people partaking in space travel. It’s great food insurance for any natural disaster, and an important part of emergency preparedness kits. For people in earthquake or hurricane zones, these kits can provide food for days and last for a really long time.

Someday I’m sure the boys will have the chance to try “astronaut food” and I hope they’ll think it’s as cool as I once did!


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