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How to Enter Today’s Quick Draw Giveaway for $15 CASH


It’s that time again – time for another cash giveaway, this time for $15! This will be open for just 24 hours, and will end at 10AM Central on Thursday, November 10. Once a winner is selected, I’ll transfer the money via PayPal that same day.

Here’s how today’s works, in case you weren’t a part of the last Quick Draw giveaway. In my Holiday Gift Guide, there are numbers hidden daily among the product pages. The numbers look like this:

For today’s giveaway, you need to enter a password on the protected post (NOT this post) to be able to comment for your entry. Here’s the important part… today’s giveaway password is the numbers (in chronological order) from November 7th, 8th, and 9th (today).

Happy hunting! You might want to go ahead and start keeping track of the numbers posted each day, because at the end of the month I’m holding a $50 CASH giveaway in which you’ll need to know all 30 numbers.

Note: By entering the Quick Draw giveaway, you agree to the Official Rules.

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