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Fun Date Night “In” Ideas

Here are five date night ideas for having a fun evening at home (whether you’re there by choice or not!):

1. Your own private cooking class – Take our idea of a nice dinner one step further, and have your own cooking class. There are tons of cooking videos available online. Find some recipes you’d like to try, shop for ingredients beforehand, and have fun with your spouse cooking something new. For videos, try YouTube, Gourmandia, or

2. Game night – We love to play board games, but rarely do so unless we have friends around. Back when we were in college, though, we started amassing our collection by buying a game instead of going out to dinner and a movie. We’d play it that night, but also knew we’d get years of use (& fun) out of it. Get out a stack of games, or if you don’t have many, each of you could go pick one out at the store ahead of time. It’s a great opportunity for conversation, and a little healthy competition is always fun!

3. Picnic Inside – We do this with the kids all the time and they think it’s a blast. Lay out a blanket on the living room floor and set out a spread of cheeses, breads, and other easy-to-eat foods – or you could even grill up some burgers and hot dogs to enjoy. Once you’re done eating, clear everything away, pull out some pillows and watch a movie together.

4. Get a favorite TV show on DVD to watch together – I think this can be more fun than watching a movie! We’ve done this with several of our favorite shows, or even with ones we’ve always wanted to watch but never had the chance to. It’s nice, too, because you can watch it over the course of several nights. Pick something you’ll both enjoy, and take breaks between episodes to talk about what you’ve watched.

5. Make/Build Something – Get a canvas and some paint, and create a work of art for your living room. Or if you’re really handy, find some free furniture plans online ( is my favorite place to look) and build something you can both enjoy. Being creative and working together is a great way to bond, and you get the added benefit of enjoying your creation afterward.

So see? There’s no reason your date night can’t be a blast just because you’re stuck at home. In fact, you might have more fun than if you had a date night out – you’ll be trying new things instead of doing the same old dinner & theater routine, and you might just learn something new about each other along the way. Have a GREAT date night, whether it’s “in” or “out”!

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  • Amanda December 29, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    These are all awesome! Brad and I love watching a TV series together on DVD or Netflix. I never had thought about an indoor picnic though! :D

  • Christin December 30, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Great ideas!! We don’t have sitters yet and these might do the trick till we can amass some!