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Pet Supply Shopping

We have two dogs, Sally (our Lab puppy, about 7 months old) and Josie (our miniature dachshund, 7 years old). When we just had Josie, we really didn’t have to buy food very often. A big bag would last us a long time, so shopping for her didn’t really seem like an issue at all.

Once Sally joined our family and quickly grew (and grew…and grew…) we started realizing that big dogs = more food. Yup, we’re smart like that. This meant more trips to the store, and more lugging home heavy bags of grub for her.

I don’t know why shopping for their food online hadn’t really occurred to us. I’m a big fan of online shopping for lots of things, from gifts to books to diapers. Regardless, we hadn’t ever shopped for the dogs online – until being introduced to Mr.Chewy.

I got the chance to review their site, and was really curious to see if the prices would compare to our typical store experience. I think I actually went into the whole experience a little skeptical, wondering if there’d really be savings or if we’d end up paying more in the end.

We ordered a bag of food for each of the dogs:

We got Pedigree Small Breed for Josie, and IAMS Proactive Health for Large Breed Puppies for Sally. Sally’s food was $25.99 for a 17.5 pound bag, and Josie’s was $20.99 for a 15.9 pound bag. When I compare those prices to the store we typically shop at, the prices at Mr.Chewy were about $2.00 more for each bag. But, if I signed up for recurring shipments (which can be canceled at any time) I saved an additional 15%, bringing the cost down to less than at the store. I’m not sure how prices on other items compare, but that extra 15% off can really make a difference.

Plus, Mr.Chewy provides free shipping on any order over $49. I scoped it out and that’s a much better deal than a major pet supplier’s site, where they offer $5.99 shipping on orders over $60.

Mr.Chewy also has a ton of brands available, which is great especially for people who live in small towns and might not have a wide variety to choose from locally. You’ll find brands like:

I’m a huge fan of Mr.Chewy now and we will definitely be buying dog food and other pet supplies there in the future. With our first order it took less than a week to arrive. The convenience of having the heavy bags delivered right to our door for cheaper than in-store is really appealing! I’d recommend giving their site a try.

Note: I received products to facilitate my review. All opinions in this post are honest and are my own.

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