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Meaningful Beauty Follow-Up

For several weeks now I’ve had the opportunity to try skin care products from the Meaningful Beauty line. I have to say, it’s been really nice to have a reason to focus on taking better care of my skin! I was also surprised how easy it was to keep up with a five-step treatment. It made me realize that half of the challenge of finding time is just DOING it.

I’ve been really happy with the products. The cleanser is lighter than a lot I’ve tried before, but it does a great job of making my skin feel refreshed (and of getting makeup off at the end of the day). The moisturizer is awesome – it never once caused me to break out, which SO many moisturizers do, and I noticed almost immediate results if I put a little on whenever my skin felt dry. I think my other favorite product in the line is the eye cream. I’m noticing a few smile lines around my eyes, and I know tissue around eyes is especially fragile, so I want to be sure and take preventative measures there. I can tell a slight difference, although I don’t know if it really shows in the photos:

Before:                                                                       After:


Of course, the “Before” photo was taken first thing in the morning and the “after” was in the afternoon – I definitely look more awake in the second photo! But I can see a little difference in the lines under my eyes and on the outside corners. Overall, though, the main effect is that my skin feels healthier and doesn’t feel dry like it can tend to at this time of year.

I’d want to try Meaningful Beauty for an even longer period of time before making any claims about its ability to reduce signs of aging, but I can say 100% that I was satisfied with the regimen. I think it’s a great system for busy moms because it outlines what you need to do morning and night – and neither routine takes a long time to complete. You’re able to take care of yourself easily, which can definitely be hard to do as a mom (especially a mom to young kids, who like to burst into bathrooms at any given moment).

If you’re interested in Meaningful Beauty, you can find out more on their site.

Note: I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Meaningful Beauty and received a 5-step treatment kit to facilitate my review, a second 5-step treatment kit to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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