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Five Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party


Dinner parties – they either turn out delightful or disastrous! We typically have more casual get-togethers with friends, but with the holidays approaching I thought you might enjoy this guest post on how to make your next dinner party a great one!

Everybody has heard or experienced first-hand when a dinner party goes wrong, but follow these five tips and your next soirée should go swimmingly.

Think of a theme

A themed get-together can give a dinner party some much-needed structure and brings into play a fun element, with fancy dress always a good laugh. Fancy dress is also a good ice breaker when mens and womens costumes can range from the weird to the wonderful and from serious to sexy costumes from, which is a site worth checking for inspiration on themes.

Keep it simple

Create a menu of dishes that you’ve made before as the last thing you want is for some unexpected mishaps in the kitchen to lead to a culinary disaster. While you’ll be keen to show off your skills in the kitchen and could be tempted to be ambitious with what you make, don’t try and be a show off because there’s always the chance that it’ll backfire.

Set the mood with the perfect playlist

The music you listen to at a dinner party is just as important as the food choice and the selection of drinks to go with it. Ideally, music should be a background noise that’s not too intrusive and creates a good ambiance.

Relaxation is crucial

Hosts should go out of their way to ensure their guests feel as relaxed as possible – and hosts need to feel at ease as well. Staging a dinner party can be stressful, which means things like keeping the menu simple can help to reduce the pressure. Make sure all your guests have been introduced into each other if it’s the first time they’ve met.

Put on some original entertainment

Having an ‘activity’ to distract your guests can be the difference between a good dinner party and a great dinner party. Maybe you or somebody you know has got an unusual hobby that you could teach them? Or maybe you could have an interactive element to your evening, like DIY cocktail making.

Whatever you decide to do for your party, keep it true to your “style” and it’s sure to be a hit!

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