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Saving Money on Eyewear – Frugal Novice

Saving Money on Eyewear

When you’ve got kids, it quickly becomes apparent how many things they need. Of course you’ve got things like clothes and shoes (which they outgrow SO quickly), and then as they get older more things come into play – backpacks, school supplies, and in many cases, eyeglasses.

Brian has pretty horrible vision and I have a lazy eye (20/20 in my left eye, but horrible vision in my right) so we feel like it’s pretty inevitable that at least one of our kids will need glasses in the future. Thankfully now they have a ton of really cute kids’ styles available that make wearing glasses not bad at all!

Of course, aside from the style aspect, the biggest drawback of glasses can often be the cost. I can remember the first pair of glasses I purchased on my own, and being shocked at the cost of $300+. That’s a lot with even just one child, but it can be completely unrealistic for families with multiple children.

My favorite tip for saving money on glasses is to shop online. When you go to a physical store, they’re often counting on the fact that you haven’t done your research and will go with their prices. Shopping online gives you an easy way to compare prices without having to do all the legwork of driving around town.  Sites like Glasses.com provide you value and style with the click of a mouse. For instance, on their site you’ll get free shipping on all orders (so not only are you not spending money on gas, you’re not having an extra expense of shipping either), a price match guarantee, and a new sales page that shows which frames are currently on sale.

I thought this was worth sharing because very often I’ll think to shop online for gifts, for books, for electronics and even for baby gear lately! But with necessities like glasses sometimes I think I’m inclined to think of shopping in a brick & mortar store. It’s definitely worthwhile to spend a little time online and find the deals for things you and your family need!


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