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Avengers Family Fun Night

Brian has always been a big comic book and superhero fan, so it only makes sense that our boys would be too. They haven’t seen any of the movies yet since they’re just 3 & 5, but you better believe they know who the Avengers are and can tell you their names. And they LOVE to play like they’re superheroes too – our five-year-old, J, likes to be Iron Man, and our three-year-old, C, especially likes Captain America.

Since we have small children at home we don’t make it to the theater as often, so we are especially excited for the release of the Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD/Graphic Novel Combo Pack from Walmart – #MarvelAvengersWMT – on Tuesday, September 25. Brian and I can’t wait to watch it! The boys are a little young for the movie but since they love Avengers so much we knew it’d be fun to have an Avengers Family Fun night to celebrate the movie’s upcoming release.

Before I went to buy things for our night, I downloaded the Avengers Augmented Reality App on my iPhone. I just went to the App Store and downloaded it (it’s free!).

I knew when I headed to Walmart that I wanted to get some fun Avengers toys that the boys could be creative with and play pretend. Right off the bat I went to the Lego sets, because that is such a fun family activity to build together. I found two sets – one featuring Captain America and one featuring Iron Man. Perfect, right? I also got them each an action figure, because what little boy doesn’t love those? I got some tiny figurines called Zerbos, some Pez dispensers, and to go with our MarketSide pizza for dinner I got them Avengers cups to drink out of. I really wanted the evening to be all about playing and fun! Here are some of my finds:

While I was at Walmart I had a lot of fun finding the trigger points and using the Avengers Augmented Reality App. Over by the toy section I found a DVD display featuring Avengers heroes. When I used the app with it, I was able to take a quiz telling me which Avenger I am. I loved how the graphics on the app really integrated with the display.

I was also so impressed with the MarketSide pizza display. For one thing, it’s just a lot of fun to have the characters on the pizza boxes – but the interactivity on the boxes with the app is SO cool! We tried ours at home and loved how the 3-D city popped up complete with Avengers zooming around. The pizza was huge and made a great – and fun – dinner option for the four of us. For more pics from my shopping trip, check out my Google+ story!

We also got the graphic novel that comes as a limited edition item in the Avengers combo pack – it is so nice! Like I mentioned, Brian is a big comic book fan and he was impressed. The boys loved looking at the pictures in the book too!

On our Family Fun Night we had a blast! We built the Lego sets, played Avengers with the action figures, enjoyed our MarketSide Captain America pizza, and had Pez from our Avengers dispensers for dessert – so fun!

Now that we’ve spent a lot of time playing Avengers with the boys I’m even more excited for the Avengers movie release and can’t wait to get the combo pack at Walmart! It will give Brian and I a fun date night in, for sure.

If you want to keep up with Avengers news, check out the Marvel site, “Like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

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  • Jen October 11, 2012 at 9:10 am

    Looks like it was lots of fun! My husband loves comic book movies and has gotten me into the Avengers and related movies. I’m looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to play with Legos – right now I can’t justify buying them (as much as I would like to play with them myself). I can see her in a few years: “Mommy, can I build it this time? Pu-lease? It’s my turn!”