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DIY Christmas Card Holder


In years past, I have to confess we’ve just scotch-taped Christmas cards to our back door. This year I thought I’d try something a little more purposeful, so I set out to Michael’s in search of an inexpensive, easy Christmas card holder to make. I came across some white boards cut out in various shapes for just $3, and inspiration struck.

I painted the board with chalkboard paint we already had on hand from our kitchen border project, but you can buy a small bottle of it at Michael’s (it retails for $6, but you can usually find 40% off coupons to make it cheaper). Then I hot-glued strands of ribbon to the back of the board in alternating red & green colors, and trimmed the bottoms to look nice and neat.

I decided to go with “Season’s Greetings” for the message, but what I really love about this project is you can change the wording each year. I think kids would have a lot of fun helping with decorating the board, don’t you?

To adhere cards to this holder, I bought some small clothes pins. I thought about embellishing those, but I decided I wanted the cards to really stand out so I left them plain.

I’m kind of in love with this simple solution for cards (and the fact that it’ll take up very little space in our Christmas storage once we have to pack it away)!  How do you display your Christmas cards?


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