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Barista Prima Coffee K-Cups Review

IMG_0648 I’m not the coffee drinker in the house, so when I got an offer to review Barista Prima K-Cups, I knew Brian would be the one for the job. He loves coffee and is the official owner of our Keurig, so he’s a natural fit. He especially likes dark (REALLY dark) roasts, so I was curious what he’d think of this Italian Roast flavor. Here are his notes:

  • Pleasant aroma, not too strong or acrid, right amount of strength
  • Medium-dark color
  • Bold, but not bitter at all, very balanced and a clean finish to it. Not harsh at all compared to other k-cups for the Keurig, no taste of the plastic cup or chemicals, just coffee beans.
  • Great cup of coffee to sip on after dinner or later at night for those kind of coffee drinkers. Strong but smooth, hearty and flavorful!
  • Here is the link to the k-cup on their site:

He said it’s his favorite kind he’s tried so far, and we’re planning on purchasing more for him when we run out of what we’ve got. We would definitely recommend Barista Prima K-Cups!


Note: We received K-Cups to facilitate this review. We did not receive monetary compensation. All opinions are honest and are our own.

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