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May 2013

May Cleaning Calendar

Are you looking for the latest version of my free printable cleaning calendar? Click here to get the newest PDF – one you can use for each month!

How did your April cleaning go? Did you go above and beyond to get some good Spring Cleaning in? We’ve organized some more, and of course with our house on the market we have to keep it cleaner than we might otherwise!

Here’s the May cleaning calendar. Note that there’s a day off for Memorial Day – spend the holiday with your friends and family, and take the time to remember those who have fought for our country. You can always take the Friday, Saturday, & Sunday tasks and double up earlier in the week if you’re planning on traveling for Memorial Day weekend. And, as always, you can click here to download a printable PDF. I personally like having hard copies of to-do items, because it’s just so satisfying to mark them off when they’re complete!