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Dressing Smart for Family Days Out


On an everyday basis, you probably dress your kids in clothes from discount retailers, second-hand shops, and wardrobe pieces that their older brothers, sisters, and cousins have already outgrown. There is definitely no harm in wanting to find ways to save on the cost of kids’ clothing; after all, they grow too quickly to make a serious investment in their daily wardrobe!AlexAndAlexaDress

But every now and again, it’s okay to splurge on smart clothing for your kids. Whether you’re headed to a friend’s wedding this summer or a holiday party later this year, dressing your kids in designer clothing can actually make them look and feel more mature and stylish. The reason? They’ll notice a difference between the type of clothes they usually wear—trainers, jeans, and jumpers—and the type of clothes they’re wearing for your day out with the family—dress shirts, vests, trousers, dresses, leggings, jackets, smart shoes, etc. Plus, they’ll enjoy the attention they get from adult admirers who see them in stunning Mayoral clothes on your days out with the family. This praise from adults will go a long way in helping them distinguish special occasion clothes from everyday clothes as well.

Another reason to get on-board with the “couture for kids” trend is that designer clothing is made from higher quality fabrics than your average children’s garments. These higher grade fabrics tend to be both more durable and more comfortable for your kids. That means that while you will spend more money for these pieces up-front, you won’t have to replace them as often as you would replace clothing and accessories from discount retailers. You can rest easy in the knowledge that the new designer jackets you bought your children will keep them warm through the fall and winter months and that those designer boots will keep their feet dry (and clean!) when they’re splashing through puddles on their walk to the bus stop or their afternoon recess on the playground.

Even for kids, clothing can make a very important statement about their personalities. Teaching your kids early about fashion can help them form a stronger sense of identity throughout their childhood years—and train them to have a more aesthetic eye, to boot! Of course, it is important to teach your kids that designer clothing requires special care. Remind your kids that they need to be especially aware of dirt and messes when they’re clad in smart clothing so that those brand name vests and dresses aren’t instantly ruined by the spills and stains of childhood. When designer clothes are treated as special wardrobe pieces, they can go a long way in making your kids feel stylish while teaching them a little responsibility in the process.

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