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I’m a Pull-Ups First Flush Ambassador!

Note: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I can still remember when our oldest son (who is now 6) was potty training. It was honestly one of the more stressful parenting moments I’ve experienced, and I may have been pretty certain at one point or another that it was just never going to happen. Of course, it finally did, and then it was a much easier process with our now-4-year-old. But of course with the birth of baby E we entered back into the realm of diapers, and now potty training is looming in the near future. It’s not nearly as intimidating (especially because I hear that girls are MUCH easier to potty train than boys. PLEASE let that be true!) because we’ve been through the tunnel and have made it to the light, so we know we’ll get there… but also because now we’re aware of great resources to help us along the way. We know that patience is key, because if you or your child starts getting frustrated with the process it can lead to setbacks and regression. Being consistent but relaxed about the process will make it more pleasant and effective.


With both the boys, Huggies Pull-Ups were a vital part of the potty training process, and we know that’ll be the case with E, too. If you’re not familiar with them, Pull-Ups are training pants for toddlers that are designed to look and fit more like underwear- kids can pull them up and down while still having the absorbency to catch any accidents!

Although we’d heard of and used Pull-Ups, I didn’t know about the Huggies Pull-Ups site and all it had to offer, like their Potty Training Fun-damentals (you can even print out a potty chart to get your child excited about keeping track of their progress). But more than that, parents can gain tips along the way, like this (which I never would’ve thought of!):

  • Take a test run. Parents shouldn’t assume their child knows how to put on or take off pants. With each new outfit, there should be practice time. Children will be more willing to go to the potty if they are confident they can undress with confidence.

I’m SO excited to be a Pull-Ups Ambassador, because Pull-Ups are a product I really believe in after having experienced how well they work for our kids, and I’m impressed with all their site has to offer. There are so many resources available on the Big Kid Academy (via thePull-Ups website, like I mentioned), but also on their Facebook and Twitter pages. E loves to dance, so I know we’ll be using the Potty Dance songs to get her excited about potty training!

I hope you’ll keep up with our potty training adventures – I’ll be back over the next several weeks with a few more posts that will be helpful for you as you think about potty training your little ones!

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