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Be Prepared for Emergencies: National Preparedness Month Tips from Energizer #PoweringSafety

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This month is National Preparedness Month, which is something I’ve thought about quite a bit over the years. Living in Texas, we get our fair share of storms and I’ve always made it a priority to think ahead and be prepared just in case. In case you haven’t thought about being prepared for a disaster, Energizer has shared some great tips for being ready for a natural disaster or other emergency:

  1. Create a plan. Have a plan with your family for what to do before, during and after severe weather. Make sure to practice your plan so you are ready for any situation.
  1. Keep a portable light in every room: When power goes out, you don’t want to go digging through closets or drawers looking for that flashlight. Energizer portable lights ensure you’re ready for any situation:
  • Weatheready®– Long lasting, practical solutions designed to keep you and your family safe during a weather emergency
  • Fusion Flashlights and Lanterns – Compact and versatile, Energizer® Light Fusion Technology products are compact, water resistant and provide impressively bright long lasting light
  • Headlights – Energizer’s powerful LED headlights are lightweight and versatile – perfect for keeping your hands free during an emergency situation
  1. Designate a place to seek shelter. Designate a meeting place for your family to take shelter. A basement or the smallest, most-interior room on the lowest floor is safest for severe weather and tornados. In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, evacuate the area if instructed by local authorities.
  1. Make an emergency kit. Keep an emergency kit stocked with bottled water, canned food, copies of vital information, a first aid kit with prescriptions and an Energizer® Emergency Weather Station, which acts as a light, radio and charging station.
  1. Check social media for updates. Oftentimes communications can be limited during severe weather. Social media can give you the most up-to-date information from local government agencies and news outlets.
  1. Charge your devices. Make sure to charge cell phone and ensure that your radio and flashlight have fresh batteries. Energizer® MAX® with Power Seal Technology are long-lasting and are no leaks guaranteed.
  1. Stock your vehicle. Don’t be caught unaware in your car during a severe weather situation. Make sure to have an emergency kit with the essentials in your vehicle.

Some people may think it’s pointless to prepare, because the likelihood of something going wrong is pretty slim. I’d say, though, that being prepared is easy, so why not be prepared just in case? I’d much rather be prepared and not need it than desperately need it and not be prepared.

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