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Tailgating Must-Haves

Note: Thank you to Sam’s Club for sponsoring today’s post and helping me get ready for tailgating this Football Season.

We love to entertain, and with it being football season, tailgating is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends for a little fun and food.


When I think of tailgating, there are certain elements I know I will want to have:


  • A TV to watch the game on, if you’re not attending it in person – my husband would say you need a 60″ screen, minimum!
  • An awesome grill, portable if you plan on tailgating at the game location.
  • Snacks – I like to use Kraft Velveeta and tomatoes with chiles to make queso, and my husband loves hot dogs with chili. The kids would say we just need candy!
  • Plenty of cold beverages for everyone – lemonade, water, and sweet tea would be my picks!
  • A camera to capture memories!

What I love to do is stop by Sam’s Club before we host any sort of get-together. I know I can find great deals on everything from food and drinks, to necessities, to a sweet TV (that my husband would approve of, even!).  Be sure and check out their tailgating essentials so you can find everything you need in one easy (and wallet-friendly) spot!

What do you consider must-haves when you’re preparing for tailgating?

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